Advice on home schooling my daughter?

Homeschool moms! So I and my daughter’s dad are no longer together, and he wants to do homeschooling, so we can have 50/50 custody. He lives 3 hours away. I want to do homeschooling as well, but I swear everyone except her dad and me don’t want us to do homeschooling my mom wants her to do school down here, and his mom wants her to do school up there, and they say my daughter won’t have excellent people skills, but she does dance we go to the park, and she’s great. I just don’t know how to tell my parents that homeschooling is what I think is best until she decides she’d rather do public school and she can choose who she wants to stay down with for school… currently she’s in a preschool that’s 3 hours a day 4 days a week, and she’s just to smart for it.. from what her teachers tell us, but I feel like being at home for school me, and her dad will be able to bond with her more and have more time with her Also home school moms, and I need more information on how to start homeschooling where do I go to make it official and get the curriculum I need

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  1. I feel thats a decision for you and her father to make. Everyone has their opinions but at the end of the day its your choice to do what you feel is best for your little one.

  2. 1st. You and her dad are her parents and decide what is best.
    2nd. You dont owe ANYONE an explanation as to what you decide to do and neither does he.
    3rd. Juat because your child will be homeschooled doesnt mean she wont have people skills. That is your job. Find a co-op that’s halfway between you and her dad and take her to it. Any extra curricular activities she wants to do, sign her up. Make sure she is around other
    4th. If someone doesn’t like what you guys decide to do, tell them it is none of their business.

  3. My daughter is an only. She definitely needed preschool for the social aspect. Homeschool is such a personal issue. I feel that many people are not qualified to teach their children because they lack structure and discipline. If you can give her that then it might be a good fit. As for your parents, it’s your child not theirs.

  4. That’s your Co-Parenting choice. I would look into different home school programs. My kiddo isnt home schooled but a great learning game that shows you in reports where they need help and accel is Kahn Academy Kids. I feel it’s better than ABC mouse

  5. My oldest homeschools, she’s a senior. We use k12 and they provide everything for her.
    As far as others and their opinions, I would explain to them that while you value their opinion you are the parent and feel this will work best for her. Also, I would make it clear that at any time she wants to go back to public school she has that option.
    My daughter loves that she is able to do school work at her leisure and her work schedule can be flexible so she isn’t stuck at a desk for 8 hrs a day. Good luck in your journey!

  6. I homeschooled my children and it worked out very well. Look for other homeschooling groups in your area to join. We did that for field trips and holiday parties.

  7. Only yours and her Dad’s decision. How about subjects you are stronger in, Taught by you and ones Dad is stronger in, taught by him. Lots of support for home schoolers in community. Did not home school but I would imagine you would have to fulfill requirements in one of the states. I agree, requires structure and discipline on parents’ part…

  8. Do what YOU want. your parents are not her parents. That said, exposing them to a variety of people in most schools has a more negative effect than it does any good. I’d much prefer you expose your kids to the positive influences you have chosen. Public schools where I am will expose them to gang members and drugs—teach them how to never trust a soul, and how to shoot folks and destroy property. NOT what I’d consider my integration preference

  9. I’m a former preschool teacher. State department of education websites will have sections for homeschool families that can give you the information you need to get started and groups you can hook up with in your area. What I would suggest is, check with your local YMCA. When I worked there, they have programs for homeschoolers, where a couple times a week you can meet for art and gym (or dance, swim, yoga, karate- anything!), and then they are still getting social skills and friends that everyone is always worried that those kids might miss. Even if they don’t have an actual program, you can sign up for a few classes on your own, you would still have to have art and physical Ed requirements anyway, so a Y or Boys & Girls Club etc. would be a great place to go. Both have sliding fee scales based on income if it’s too expensive for your budget, it’s worth looking into. Good luck.

  10. My husband was home schooled from 2nd grade and up and being the son of a pastor… He never got outside or got to hang out with kids his own age… He didnt know how people acted in the real world.. Also hardly knew was living was till we met last year… Home schooling deprives kids for thwir natural instincts and being able to experience the real world… In my opinion… I hate home schooling… My husband only knew what was taught in his books and what was seen on tv and movies practically

  11. I feel like homeschool is not an option for starting out maybe later in life. But you do this she decides to go to school you pit her in public at grade 5, after being home schooled amd its gonna semd her in for shock. Just going to the park and dance isnt enough socialization. They have to get up speak in front of class even in k. To get tgat stuck in. Make new friends etc. All in all you are the parents. But put your benefits aside fron it and think about what she wants.

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