Advice on lice?

What are your experiences with lice? I have a three-year-old who got it. We used over the counter lice medicine twice. It didn’t work, so I just used a prescription. Hoping this is it, all I’ve been doing is combing, washing, vacuuming! I’m so afraid they are going to return. Also, how is your school/daycare in dealing with this? Mine said, “oh, we haven’t had any of that here,” then said they’d tell all parents. I never got an email or paper note about it, which worries me that they haven’t told other parents to check their kids. I asked, and they said they sent out an email, but I guess the just took me off that email list? Seems fishy. Anyhow this has definitely been an adventure!

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  1. Dawn dish soap for 24 hrs on the head will kill the adults and listen the glue that holds the nits to the hair. Wash out add baby oil comb out nits . Then add tea tree to head

  2. Best thing is that lice free stuff. It’s a gel that you can comb through and it gets all the lice and eggs. Do it once a week for three weeks. Use tea tree shampoo on everybody’s hair for at least a month. No need to vacuum just don’t use the bedding you’ve been using. Also hot water does kill them so if you’re like me and burn your skin off in the shower it helps.

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