AITA For Refusing To Cut My Hair For My Father’s Wedding?

One Reddit user is asking the internet if they are the a****** for refusing to cut their hair for their father’s wedding.

“Dad (42) and my his fiancee Alice (28) are getting married in November this year,” the OP (Original Poster) began.

AITA For Refusing To Cut My Hair For My Father's Wedding?
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“I (15f) didn’t really like Alice because I think she replaced my mom too soon. My mom died of cancer 2 years ago and she and dad started dating 8 months after. I try to be as polite as I can whenever she’s around or starts a conversation with me. Dad never forced me to have a relationship with her and I can also see that she’s not interested in having one.”

But the OP went on to reveal how Alice turned a corner when her big day came up.

“After they got engaged, Alice approached me and said we needed to talk. She said she has a clear vision of how she wants her wedding to be and that I have to comply so that everything will be perfect. I said sure and asked her what I need to do. She said, ‘first, I want you to cut your hair short; second, you can’t wear heels and lastly, only wear light make up and no fake lashes. Okay?'”

AITA For Refusing To Cut My Hair For My Father's Wedding?
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“I let her finish before I responded. I said I can do the second and third but I will not be cutting my hair. My mom loves my hair and helped me grow them thick and healthy. I got my blonde wavy hair from my mom so I will keep it long. Alice accused me of wanting to upstage her. I said that’s not what I’m trying to do and I think it’s unfair since I know she didn’t make these demands on her other female guests. She then called me a selfish brat and told me she’ll tell my dad about how I ‘disrespected her'”

“My dad then got involved and told me to just cut my hair because it will grow back anyway. I said her request is ridiculous and I’d rather not attend their wedding than to cut my hair.”

“I think I have put my dad in a tight situation and I am now considering cutting my hair because I know my presence in the wedding will make my dad happy. But growing my hair back to lower back length will take a long time. AITA if I refuse to cut my hair?”

AITA For Refusing To Cut My Hair For My Father's Wedding?
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One user commented:

“Absolutely NTA. Tell Alice, and your father to go pound the sand. Why, WHY in the world would she think that asking you to cut your beautiful, long, healthy hair is an acceptable thing to ask? Upstage her? I f****** hate it when bridezillas say this s***. Kindly tell her from me, and Reddit, and everyone else on this planet: ‘Cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it.'”

“Please do not cut your hair to cater to her craziness,” they continued. “Also be careful and keep your eyes open, cause I wouldn’t be surprised if she resorted to trying to cut your hair herself, or switching up your hair products for something that’ll damage it/cause it to fall out. I’d keep my hair products under a lock just in case.”

Followed by: “And she only wants you to cut your hair because she’s insecure and jealous. She’s worried that you will remind your father of your mother. If you’re not in the bridal party there is absolutely no reason for you to cut your hair. And frankly, it’s insulting that she would ask you. Tell your father that you can’t not be yourself to appease his new wife. She either accepts you as you are [or] you will go no contact with them both.”

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