Mom-to-Be Wonders 'AITA' After Storming Out of Her Surprise Baby Shower Because Her Family Wasn't Invited

Mom-to-Be Wonders ‘AITA’ After Storming Out of Her Surprise Baby Shower Because Her Family Wasn’t Invited

When a soon-to-be mom and her husband were getting ready to celebrate the birth of their first child, natural they had a baby shower first. However, while the Reddit user is happy her husband is very excited to be a dad, she is admitting that a lot of the “nice” things he does for her “make me feel like…an incubator.”

She explained by sharing some of the things her husband has been doing since learning they were having a child together, like explicitly calling her “mommy” even though she hates it.

AITA for Sneaking Out of My Baby Shower in a Fit of Rage?

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“My in-laws decided to help me ‘bond with the baby’s name’ by also forgoing MY name and instead, calling me ‘Mama Patrick’ or ‘Mama Pat,’ or weirdly, just ‘Pat.’” In fact, her husband and in-laws went as far as to even address her Christmas and birthday presents to “Pat.”

Mom-To-Be Storms Out of Her Surprise Baby Shower, Now She’s Asking ‘AITA?’

Fast forward to preparing for her baby shower, the Reddit user explained that her mom wanted to organize the celebration for her, but her mother-in-law kept insisting that the shower was already taken care of.

“I told my mother-in-law that I DID NOT WANT HER TO THROW ME A SHOWER, especially as I knew it would be just like my bridal shower and she wouldn’t invite any of my friends or loved ones.” As it turns out, one of the birthday presents she received from her husband was actually just a ploy to get her to her surprise baby shower.

After walking into the room, one of her mother-in-law’s friends “comes up to me, sticks her hand UNDER MY SHIRT to rub my stomach, and points out the cake.” The cake just so happened to be one of those graphic cakes that shows a “baby coming out of the woman” and this cake in particular reportedly also came complete with fake poop.

And because a lot of her friends and family live about two hours away, none of them were even invited. As she admitted, none of it was what the Reddit user wanted. And while that already had her furious something else the Reddit user didn’t disclose set her off causing her to storm out of her baby shower entirely. 

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“Now my husband is completely beside himself with rage and my in-laws have been telling my husband to leave me and get full custody of the baby. Apparently what I did is proof that I’m crazy.”

And allegedly her husband agrees with his parents. According to the expectant mom, “he’s seriously considering having me taken to the ER to see a psych doctor for the baby’s safety.”

The user admits that her husband’s reaction is making her question herself, but ultimately doesn’t feel like she’s in the wrong. That’s when she asked other Reddit users if she’s the a**hole in this situation?

AITA for Sneaking Out of My Baby Shower in a Fit of Rage?

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With all things considered, like the fact that the husband also doesn’t let the mom-to-be eat things like dairy, sweets, or processed foods, the overall consensus is that she is not in the wrong here and that her husband, as well as his family, needs to take a little step back.

One person wrote, “I’m almost as scared for her as I was for the woman who’d FIL was planning her death.” And another person added, “Don’t walk, RUN away from these people.”

It’s unclear if the mom-to-be and her husband ever found a way to work through their issues. However, the mom wrote in the comments that she knows his heart is in a good place.

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