AITA For Telling My Husband I Will Not Rehome My Pet Rabbit After It Scratched Our Daughter?

One woman is asking Reddit if she is the a****** for refusing to rehome her pet rabbit after her daughter was scratched.

“I (28F) have had my pet rabbit for the past 6 years. My mother got me her on my graduation day because I had wanted a pet for so long, so she (rabbit) holds a very special place in my heart. I recently got married. My husband(30M) has a daughter(12F),” the OP (original poster) began.

AITA For Telling My Husband I Will Not Rehome My Pet Rabbit After It Scratched Our Daughter?
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“He got full custody of his daughter after his ex faced charges for child neglect. I have done my best to be a mother figure for her for as long as I have known my husband, I contribute to her future education savings every month and decided not to have any kids with my husband so that she would not feel neglected because of a biological child.”

“I try my best to discipline her like I would my own child. I even adopted her so she would never feel like she wasn’t accepted by me. I always make it a point to attend every meet at her school as well regardless of my schedule. I have done everything in my control to make her feel like my own child.”

“I do not let our daughter pick my rabbit up or go near her not because I don’t love her enough but because rabbits are sensitive creatures and do not get along with kids who are naturally excited and hyperactive. Also, kids might harm rabbits unintentionally.”

AITA For Telling My Husband I Will Not Rehome My Pet Rabbit After It Scratched Our Daughter?
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“I house my rabbit in a separate room which is quite large and has toys so she doesn’t get bored. I have specifically told my husband not to let her into the room without my permission. He still let her into the room to play with my rabbit when I had gone to work. My rabbit was terrified due to her rough handling and scratched her arms.”

“I came home to find my husband furious with me. I told him this would not have happened if he hadn’t let her in despite my warning. Mind you, the scratches weren’t too deep and my daughter was completely fine. Also, rabbits do not pass contagious diseases to humans so it wasn’t an issue. I regularly trim my rabbit’s nails so it didn’t even cause a bleed.”

“He was not ready to listen and asked me to rehome my rabbit. I refused to do so and said he would just have to deal with our daughter not being allowed to play with the rabbit. He said I am an a****** for not caring about her. I replied saying that since she doesn’t have allergies or even fear of animals in general, and since my rabbit isn’t very aggressive for no reason either, I will not be rehoming my rabbit.”

AITA For Telling My Husband I Will Not Rehome My Pet Rabbit After It Scratched Our Daughter?
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The OP went on to say her husband had not spoken to her in a week and also added how she doesn’t know how to make the situation better.

“My rabbit’s room has a number lock as well and only my husband knows it for in case of emergencies. So, our daughter cannot enter without our knowledge. I am in a fix now as to how I could possibly make this situation better.”

One user commented: “Absolutely this. I had pet rabbits from the age of 8, and I never mishandled, hurt or killed any of the pets I’ve ever had. My parents took the time to educate me on how to care for my pets and taught me how to handle and hold them. Currently, my three-year-old nieces are learning how to handle their pet gerbil. Kids are absolutely able to understand being gentle and caring of small animals.”

While another said: “Errrmm…call me crazy…but once we’re in the territory of being married to somebody we can’t trust to a) not steal our property, b) not harm another living, sentient being without installing a new fancy lock…. Aren’t we quite a ways offshore?? I mean, I don’t disagree with OP putting focus on the lock and teaching her kid animal handling skills….but I’m terrified she’s in Fatal Attraction and doesn’t know it…”

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