Ali Fedotowsky And Her Adorable Son Share How They Help Each Other Get Through Meltdowns!

Ali Fedotowsky has a fantastic mom-approved method for helping her son Riley Doran Manno (and herself) get through meltdowns.

“Smell the flowers ???? Blow out the candles ???? ” the caption began. “First, this video is just so stinking adorable – so it’s worth posting.”

“But I also hope it’s helpful! Someone in my Facebook group shared this technique with me for helping Riley with his separation anxiety. And with so many parents having kiddos go back to school right now, I thought it might be helpful,” Ali continued.

“And watch till the end, it works ???????? But really, it helps him so much.”

Be sure to watch the full video below!

Not too long ago, Ali asked Instagram for help regarding her “sweet” three-year-old.

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“My goodness is he is SO sweet, well until he’s screaming at the top of his lungs and flailing his body all over the ground in the middle of a packed farmers market ????????‍♀️ See my stories.”

“Gosh I love these two but Riley is REALLY testing me lately. He is throwing the most epic temper tantrum‘s. I’m new to this. Molly never did this. Sure she lost it here and there but Riley has been throwing nonstop tantrums for the past few days. I feel like age 3 is going to be a doozy for us.”

“What do you do when your toddler throws a tantrum? Ignore them? Give them a time out? A little of both? What if it’s at bedtime and they won’t stay in bed? Help.”

And last month, Ali revealed she had shingles.

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“Hey guys. Some of you noticed that I’ve been hiding my face on Instagram this week. Either by holding something over it, wearing sunglasses, or putting my hair over my left eye. Why? I was diagnosed with shingles.”

“I don’t really know why I wanted to hide it. I think it’s mostly because I didn’t want the added stress or pressure of the Internet while I was trying to rest and heal. In fact, stress is likely the reason I got #shingles. I’m sharing now because I hope my story will help others detect it early. I didn’t even think it was possible to get it at my age.”

“So needless to say, I’m trying to limit the stress in my life and hoping my vision clears up. Today the swelling is down a lot so I’m grateful for that! I plan to do a blog post next week detailing what happened on a day-by-day basis to hopefully help others who are frantically googling “shingles in your 30’s” out there right now and not finding much information.”

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