Ali Wong’s 7 Most Hilarious and Relatable Mom Moments

If you’re not following comedian, writer, and star of Always Be My Maybe Ali Wong on social media, you’re missing out on tons of hilariously relatable mom and parenting moments. The funny mama is never one to sugarcoat the realities of juggling work and parenting her two young daughters.

From touring the world with small kids in tow to suffering through the act of being human furniture, Wong has seen and done it all, the way most moms have. She gets it, and one thing we love about her is that she doesn’t pretend that “it” is always pretty. Always truthful, always funny, and always relatable, Wong’s Instagram feed is a wonderful respite for all moms who need a reminder that they aren’t in this alone.

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Below, we’ve rounded up seven of Wong’s funniest, most relatable mom-related posts.

The Not Pregnant Dance

“When you take the pregnancy test and you’re not pregnant”

Those of us who have had pregnancy scares can relate to the moment that Wong danced with uncontainable joy, post-pregnancy test.

Frequent Flyer

“Flying with kids is extremely easy and refreshing. Especially when they both just want to sit with Mommy, while Daddy is free to eat BBQ sliders and watch Veep.”

The comedian gave the world a refreshingly honest look at what it’s like to go on tour with young kids in tow.

On the Verge

“Just two working moms pretending not to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown.”

Wong posed with a fellow comedian to share a sentiment that all moms who work, inside and outside the house, can relate to.

Human Furniture

“Mommy can’t move because she’s a human lounge chair and is acting happy about it when really she has to pee VERY BADLY”

How many times have you had to go to the bathroom while trapped under a sleeping child? Too many to count, we’re betting.

Tired A$$ Mama

“Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m still, I’m still a tired ass mom from the block.” 

Thank goodness Wong didn’t lose her sense of humor or humility while touring the country with her family. Plus, who doesn’t love a good “Jenny From the Block” reference?

Waiting to Exhale 

“#MondayCantComeSooner #PleaseGoBackToSchool #IHaveSufferedEnough #WaitingToExhale”

We’ve all made that face while powering through a loooong weekend. “I have suffered enough” belongs on all of our tombstones.

Bacteria Farm

“Who else is ready for the holidays to be over so the kids are back in school or daycare or with the nanny and I don’t have to desperately seek refuge at indoor kid gyms that are basically bacteria farms and opportunities to get into arguments with strangers? #HappyNewYear #INeedAShower #SanitizerWillHaveToDo”

We try not to think too much about what is actually hiding in those ball pits. But we know. We know.

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