Am I over reacting?

Hey all, would it piss you off if your S/O were looking at a picture of a celebrity and saying they wouldn’t f**k her because of whatever reason? Or am I too sensitive? I don’t know, guess I just don’t really like my S/O talking about having sex with anyone else but me? Am I dumb? Please be nice lol.

265 thoughts on “Am I over reacting?”

  1. I mean if he’s saying why he wouldn’t then I don’t see the issue. Even if he was saying he would…they’re celebrities….it’s never gonna happen anyway. If he was saying he wanted to have sex with someone you know that would be something to get angry about.

  2. Your feelings are valid. You are allowed to feel your feelings. Sometimes, picking battles is a necessity though. Talking about how you feel with your s/o is healthy as long as your approach is respectful and not coming off as an attack.

  3. Honestly some things you’ve gotta get over because if he doesn’t say it out loud, he is going to think it either way.
    And I’ll tell you what when I see Johnny Depp or one of my celebrity crushes you’ll hear me shout HOT DAMN and I don’t care who is around ???? so I don’t blame my fiance if he does the same thing.

  4. There’s a hundred men that I’d love to “fuck”… lmao. But, I’m respectful to not say that in front of my hubby. I’m sure he has a list too… My opinion. Nothing wrong about fantasizing about celebrities but kind of rude to talk about it in front of you in that way.

  5. You dont have a celebrity you think is hot? I def do but never have a chance in hell hahha it’s normal human attraction. But I can also get why it may have been a blow to you. Chin up he chose you to be with so clearly find you attractive as well!

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