Am I In The Wrong For Refusing To Lie To My Niece About Getting Married?

An Original Poster (OP) took to Reddit to ask if he is in the wrong for refusing to lie in front of his niece about getting married despite his sister urged him to because of their beliefs….

“My girlfriend and I (28&29) have been together 9 years, just found out we’re going to have a baby. We are very excited, have been trying for almost six months so this is huge for us.”

Am I In The Wrong For Refusing To Lie To My Niece About Getting Married?
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“My sister and niece came over to our house a few days back, they already knew since we told everyone else already. My niece is 9 and started asking questions about when the weddings going to be. We were both confused because our families know we don’t have plans on ever getting married so there sure as hell isnt going to be a wedding.”

The OP came to find it was his sister that informed his niece of these supposed “wedding plans.”

“Apparently my sister told her there was going to be one after finding out we’re having a baby. But I said we are not getting married and that seemed to confuse my niece for some reason. She asked my sister aren’t people supposed to be married so they can have a baby.”

Am I In The Wrong For Refusing To Lie To My Niece About Getting Married?
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“My sister told her it’s true so we do plan on it in the future. This felt too ridiculous for me and we didn’t play along with whatever it was my sister was trying to force. We assured my niece we had no plans to get married and we’re still going to have our baby regardless. We left it at that and changed the subject to something else.”

But the conversation didn’t end there.

“My sister was beyond mad when we talked again. She knows we don’t believe in getting married but we still could’ve gone along with it since she doesn’t want her daughter thinking it’s okay to have kids out of wedlock. I think it’s ridiculous but her kid, her rules I guess. She thinks because we know her beliefs on marriage and all that stuff the least we could do is respect her enough to go along with it, even if we don’t plan on actually getting married.”

Am I In The Wrong For Refusing To Lie To My Niece About Getting Married?
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“Now I don’t know if maybe we were a**holes. It was pretty obvious what she was trying to push during the conversation but we just wouldn’t lie about it. She seems to believe we were for not being willing to do this for her,” the OP confessed.

One user said: “She wants you to respect her beliefs on marriage but won’t respect yours. Your sister needs to teach her daughter that not everyone lives to same way as everyone else and you should be able to accept those differences.”

While another commented: “Nine is plenty old enough to grasp the concept of different types of relationships. I’m sure the kid has friends at school whose parents aren’t married or are divorced or whatever else. Your sister set you up for this by telling the first lie to her kid and not even bothering to tell you that she’d done it. She clearly doesn’t respect your relationship because she doesn’t even think it’s important enough to inform you about the lie she told.”

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