Amanda Kloots Shares Her Biggest Regret Three Years After Losing Her Husband, Nick Cordero, in 2020

Amanda Kloots is still working through the grieving process after losing her husband, Nick Cordero, in 2020. He died of COVID-19 complications after being hospitalized for three months – he was just 41 years old at the time of his death. The couple share one child together, a 3-year-old son named Elvis. 

In a recent Instagram post, Kloots recalled the moment she said goodbye to her husband after dropping Nick off at the ‘emergency room at Cedars Sinai on March 30, 2020 – detailing what she would do differently that day if she could go back and some of the lessons she has learned from his passing. 

“There are days in my life I wish I could go back in time to and this is one of them,” she said of that tragic day – adding it’s ‘a day that is engrained in my brain forever.’ She describes herself as naive (at the time) for thinking she would get to pick him up from the ER in a few hours and everything would be fine. 

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As far as what she would do differently, she would give him the biggest kiss, hold him in a never-ending hug, and tell him she loved him a million times. “If I could, I’d give him the biggest kiss. If I could, I’d hold him in a never ending hug and If I could, I’d tell him “I love you” one million times,” her caption read. 

She also discussed what she learned from his passing. “I’ve learned to say different goodbyes. I’ve learned to always tell people you love them. I’ve learned that life is fragile and we are not invincible.” Finally, she concluded her message, “Live and love to the fullest,” she wrote in the Instagram caption.

Amanda Kloots also took to her Instagram Story to share a video clip of her and her son, Elvis, at The Grove (a ghost town) on the day of her husband’s passing. She had just dropped him off at the ER and was at The Grove waiting to hear back from him so she could pick him up. He died not long after. 

In the video, she described how the song ‘Volare’ was playing at The Grove. “It’s a sign, a sign that everything’s gonna be OK,” she said at the time. In a text overlay, she says the song still plays at the ‘strangest times’ and adds that she feels it’s Nick’s way of communicating with her – how beautiful!

Nick and Amanda got married in 2017 and welcomed son Elvis in June 2019 – at the time of Nick’s death, their son was just a few months away from his first birthday. Amanda has admitted to not being as supportive of his music career as she should’ve been – another one of her regrets of their time together.

Amanda Kloots Honors Husband in New Children’s Book

Amanda Kloots hasn’t forgotten her husband and has continued to honor him in a variety of ways since his passing. One of the more recent ways is through a children’s book she released on April 11, 2023 – Tell Me Your Dreams. The book was inspired by a dream-sharing routine she started with son Elvis. 

“We had this ritual of sitting in his rocking chair and we sing songs and we say our prayers and then, for some reason, one night I said, ‘Do you want me to tell you your dream that you’re gonna have tonight?’ and he was little, so he didn’t even respond. I just started making up this fantastical story,” she told ET.

Kloots would make sure to include Nick in the stories she told her son. The more they did this routine, the more engaged he became as he started to participate in her questions. She wanted the book to be a ‘way for people to talk to their children about those who don’t live with us here anymore on this earth.’

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Since losing Nick, Kloots admits to having three dreams about him – describing them as the ‘most beautiful, wonderful, heartwarming dreams’ and lauding them for being realistic. “He always tells me in the dream that he’s right beside me all the time,” she told Entertainment Tonight in an exclusive interview.

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