Amber Rachdi Loses An Impressive 260 Pounds On ‘My 600-lb Life’

Since Amber Rachdi was just 5-years-old, she struggled with her weight. The tot was 160 pounds and as a teen, would go on to gain more weight due to battling anxiety. Amber admitted she found “comfort” in food.

She shared how she would eat sweets and large amounts of food a day. At 16-years-old, she was unable to move and required a wheelchair. And then, at age 23, daily activities became impossible for Rachdi.

Amber Rachdi Loses An Impressive 260 Pounds On 'My 600-lb Life'
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Amber shared how she tried to lose the weight, and although she no longer wanted to eat, she could not stop herself from doing so.

She believed there was no other way to live and felt like she couldn’t escape as the doctors informed her she would not live past the age of 30 if she didn’t make some lifestyle changes.

Thankfully, Rachdi felt the time was right to make space in her life for a change.

Someone asked me recently what my legs look like these days. The answer is saggy. That's ok, this is just my ugly duckling phase. I'll be on the other side of it soon enough.

Posted by Amber Rachdi on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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And with that, Amber made the choice to go on “My 600-lb Life.” And while she was supposed to travel by plane, it was difficult as she was not able to fit into the row of the plane. But the experience led her to meet Dr. Nowzaradan, who was going to change her life if a big way.

Amber first had to undergo a gastric bypass, but this could only happen if she lost the weight. Both she and her family made the choice to move to Houston so they wouldn’t have to fly. And it was form that moment on that Amber’s journey to a new life, began.

Amber began eating healthy meals, like chicken and vegetables, and also started going to the gym. However, she did admit it was very difficult for her to walk again.

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But after 3 months of hard work, Dr. Nowzaradan was able to perform surgery on Amber. And the bypass surgery for Amber’s stomach was a success! According to the doctor, Amber’s stomach was the size of a baseball.

Amber said she started to have anxiety again after the lifestyle change and made the choice to go to a psychologist to help her.

In one year, Amber was able to lose 267 pounds and no longer needed to use a wheelchair. Amber now lives in Houston with her boyfriend, Rowdy.

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