Amy Locane Worries Kids Will Forget Her As Judge Sends Her Back to Jail 10 Years After Drunk Driving Accident

Melrose Place actress Amy Locane is going back to prison. But now that she’s a mother, she’s worried that her daughters are going to forget about her.

From her jail cell, Locane spoke only to Entertainment Weekly after quarantining for 14 days at a local New Jersey jail and relocating to Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women. It’s there that she will complete a 4-year sentence for the 2010 Montgomery Township drunk driving collision she was involved in.

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Amy Locane Worries Kids Will Forget Her As She Goes Back to Jail 10 Years After Drunk Driving Accident

According to reports, the accident claimed the life of 60-year-old Helene Seeman. Locane was given the additional 4-year sentence after she had already served 2-and-a-half years.

As EW reported, Locane was given more time after she was originally found guilty of second-degree vehicular homicide and assault by an automobile by State Superior Court Judge Angela Borkowski who deemed her original sentence “too lenient,” despite Locane’s attorney, who is also her boyfriend, Jim Wronko “arguing that a new sentence would violate Locane’s double jeopardy protections.”

Wronko is now appealing the judge’s decision also arguing even though Amy Locane took responsibility for Seeman’s death, Seeman’s husband reportedly made a left turn into Locane’s lane before the fatal collision occurred. At the time of the accident, Locane had a blood alcohol level of .26.

Since that accident, Locane has remained sober. “People ask me, ‘Explain this. It doesn’t make any sense,'” Locane said of her additional sentence. “And my answer is I can’t explain because I don’t think it makes any sense, either.”

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Locane then went on to talk about her girls and how all of this will affect them. “I’m thinking about how my children are going through this pandemic and having to do remote learning,” Locane said when asked what she was thinking about while quarantining in a local jail. “They do alternate days and I’m just thinking about which day they’re on and which day they are off. What could possibly be going on in their minds? The first week was really, really hard because we only had two phone calls. It was just very difficult to get in touch with them. It was very hard to process all of this from inside.”

The actress, who said she “wasn’t expecting to have to come in for as long as I ended up having to be here,” described her experience in prison as “very surreal.” She also admitted to EW that she has no idea when she will get to see, or even talk, to her kids again.

Amy Locane said she has prepared them for this moment in time. However, she admitted that her girls are just as confused as she is about everything that is going on. “They didn’t understand it. One was like, ‘Why are they pushing you so hard?’ I don’t know. I’m not minimizing what happened in 2010. It was serious and devastating.”

“I try to stay positive, but there is the fear that people will forget. I have a huge fear right now that my kids are gonna forget me. I won’t be home until my oldest is 18 and my youngest is 16.  I can’t even fathom that. I cannot even think about that. I guess it is comforting [that people are interested]. People are feeling this way now, but when it’s no longer a story, I’ll just be forgotten.”

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But now, as her boyfriend continues to fight for her freedom, Amy Locane says she’s holding on to hope, hope that “common sense prevails” and hope that God ultimately has a plan for her and her family’s future.

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