Ana Obregón, 68, Fulfills Late Son’s Last Dying Wish as She Welcomes Granddaughter via Surrogate

Ana Obregón, a 68-year-old Spanish actress and socialite best known for her roles in Spanish television – including A las once en casa and Ana y los 7 – is officially a new mom to an adorable little girl named  Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón, but it’s technically not her child. Instead, it’s her biological granddaughter. 

While Obregón is the legal mother of the child (nicknamed Anita), she’s the biological daughter of Ana’s late son, Aless Lequio – who died of cancer in May 2020. He was 27 years old when he passed away and had one last dying wish for his mother and father, Alessandro Lequio – to have a child in his honor. 

Aless had frozen his sperm before he began chemotherapy – not long after his diagnosis – and asked his mother and father to welcome a child via a surrogate mother in the United States, since surrogacy is prohibited in their home country of Spain. They started that process the day their son went to heaven. 

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The little girl was born on March 20 after several years of working through the legality of the situation. Once they matched with a surrogate, it took several attempts before the baby was conceived. While Ana Obregón described it as a ‘long road,’ she notes that it’s the only thing that has kept her going in life. 

“But it’s what has kept me alive. It’s just that if it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t be here anymore,” she said in an interview with HOLA! – who did a cover story about the new baby girl. She went on to confirm that, while she’s the legal mother, she wants her little girl to grow up knowing that she’s her grandmother.

“She is Aless’s daughter and when she grows up, I will tell her that her father was a hero so that she knows who she is and how proud she should be of him,” Ana said in her interview. It’s a rather peculiar way to welcome a child, but makes for such a beautiful story that details the importance of family. 

Ana Obregón shares Aless Lequio with Italian aristocrat Alessandro Lequio – they also share a daughter together. Not only did Ana lose her son in 2020, but she lost her mother to old age the following year – ultimately resulting in her stepping away from the entertainment industry. Now, she has a new life to live.

Ana Obregón Posts Heartfelt Message on Instagram

Ana Obregón recently took to her Instagram to share a photo of her cover story – which includes a photo of her holding the little girl – and a message to her late son. “I swore I would save you from cancer and I failed you. I promised you I’d bring your daughter into the world and here she is in my arms,” she wrote. 

“When I hug you I feel an indescribable emotion, because it’s like I’m hugging you again. I swear that I will take care of her with the infinite love that I have to give, and from heaven, you will help me,” she added. “You are the love of my life in heaven and your daughter is the love of my live on earth. I love you to death. Mom ❤️” 

She also took a moment to promote a book, which was written by her son and is now being published by his mother. The book is titled El Chico de las Musarañas and is available on Amazon now – it’ll be made available in stores on April 19. Per her son’s wish, any sales will profit cancer research via his foundation.

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On February 25, she posted an update about the book – which was a #1 selling book on Amazon. “You’ve contributed with your grain of sand to fund cancer research. And above all you have made my son happy, who thanks you from heaven. Thank you from the heart!!” she wrote, referring to those who bought it. 

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