angel names for boys

50 Heavenly Angel Names for Boys

Angel names for boys are some of the most treasured and beloved baby names as they inspire and fascinate us. Angels are supernatural beings that appear in various religions around the world. While most of the angel names for boys on this list are found in Christianity and Judaism, we will also share prominent angels in Islam and even Buddhism.

If you are a person of faith, you might find a name that means “angel” to be an attractive choice. We have rounded up fifty names for boys for you to consider. Some of these appellations mean “angel” while others are names of angels from various world religions. Discover an angelic name below!

Angel Names for Boys That Start With A

angel names for boys
  • Angel– the earliest use of the linguistic element that brings us the word angel comes from Mycenaean. The word was later adopted by the Greeks then translated to Latin and finally into the English word angel. Today, Angel is used predominately as a name for boys by Latino families.
  • Angelo– Angelo is the Italian form of Angel. Did you know that the Greek translation means “messenger”? Thus, Angel always means “angel,” of course, but also “messenger.”
  • Angelico– Another Italian charmer, Angelico means “angelic.”
  • Afriel– An angel of Youth.
  • Arariel– From Judaism, an angel of waters of the earth and nature.

More Angel Names for Boys That Start With A

angel names for boys
  • Ariel– An archangel and personification of Israel.
  • Artiya’il– From Islam, this angel cleanses and removes human grief.
  • Azazel– Found in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Yazdânism, Azazel is a fallen angel who is the teacher of evil arts to humans. So, this one’s likely not best for your baby!
  • Azrael– From Islam and Judaism, Azrael is an angel of death and retribution. Again, there are likely better options for babies below!

Angel Names for Boys That Start With B

angel names for boys
  • Barachiel– From Christianity, an archangel and chief of the guardian angels. Barachiel is associated with blessings and thus, would be a great, offbeat choice.
  • Baraqiel– A stone’s throw from Barachiel, Baraqiel is from Judaism and is an archangel associated with lighting.

Angel Names for Boys That Start With C

angel names for boys
  • Cassiel– One of the most attractive angel names for boys on this list, Cassiel is a guardian of babies born in December and January as well as an archangel of solitude and tears.

Angel Names for Boys That Start With D

angel names for boys
  • Dadrail– From Islam and Yazdânism, Dadrail is an archangel in Yazdânism.
  • Deangelo– Yet another Italian name for boys, Deangelo means “of the angel.”
  • Dumah– From Islam and Judaism, Dumah holds dominion over silence, stillness, and the wicked dead. So, maybe not perfect for a baby.

Angel Names for Boys That Start With E

angel names for boys
  • Engelbert– Another German find, Engelbert, which is a mouthful we admit, means “bright angel.” Does the wonderful meaning of this angel name sweeten the deal?

Angel Names for Boys That Start With F

angel names for boys
  • Forfax– An angel of astronomy and for prayer to the night sky and its stars.

Angel Names for Boys That Start With G

angel names for boys
  • Gabriel– In Abrahamic religions, Gabriel is the archangel who shared the news of Jesus’ birth (He blew that horn). Gabriel appears in Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Yazdânism texts (as well as those of the LDS Churches). Messengers, military, and destruction are also considered this angel’s dominion. It’s one of the most popular angel names in the world!
  • Gavreel– In Christianity and Judaism, Gavreel (sometimes Gadreel) is considered an angel of peace.

Angel Names for Boys That Start With H

angel names for boys
  • Hadraniel– From Gnosticism and Judaism, Hadraniel is considered a gatekeeper for the second heavenly gate.
  • Hamalat al-Arsh– In Islam, some angels carry the “Arsh” or “throne of God.” This is a similar class as the Christian Seraph.
  • Haniel– From Christianity and Judaism, Haniel represents an archangel and leader of the Principalities.

Angel Names for Boys That Start With I

angel names for boys
  • Ingram– A German name for boys, Ingram means “angel-raven.”
  • Israfil– From Islam, Israfil is an angel associated with music and is often compared to Raphael.

Angel Names for Boys That Start With J

angel names for boys
  • Jophiel– A Christian angel of enlightenment.

Angel Names for Boys That Start with M

angel names for boys
  • Malak– Malak has Arabic origins and means “angel.” This is a gender-neutral name, making for a perfect segue to angel names for baby girls.
  • Manakel– A Christian angel of peace.
  • Marut– A fallen angel in Islam, Marut holds dominion over sorcery.
  • Melek Taus– In Yazdânism, Melek Taus is a central figure to the religion. A peacock angel and one of the “Seven Mysteries,” you might be better choosing another name from this list if you do not have Yazidi heritage.

Angel Names for Boys That Start With M

angel names for boys
  • Micah– an angel of miracles and one of the most attractive angel names on this list! The name comes from Hebrew and means “who is like the Lord.”
  • Michael– Michael (Mikail, in Arabic) plays a role in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Yazdânism. One of the Seraph, Michael is a General in the army of God, considered an angel of mercy but also death. Michael, the name, has Hebrew origins and means “who is like God?”
  • Michelangelo– Michelangelo is another Italian name that combines the Hebrew name Michael (“who is like God?”) with Angelo.
  • Munkar– Here’s another interesting one, but one you should probably skip on for a baby’s name. From Islam, Munkar is an angel of death.

Angel Names for Boys That Start With N

angel names for boys
  • Nakir– Another angel of death from Islam.
  • Nathaniel– An angel of fire. Nathaniel is a popular Hebrew name that means “gift of God.”
  • Netzach– From Christianity and Judaism, Netzach is a leader of the Principalities and holds dominion over eternity.

Angel Names for Boys That Start With P

angel names for boys
  • Paschar– Angel of vision.
  • Puriel– An angel from Judaism who examines souls in heaven.

Angel Names for Boys That Start With R

angel names for boys
  • Raguel– An archangel of justice found in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
  • Ramiel– In Christianity and Judaism, Ramiel is an archangel with dominion over water. Ramiel is considered the angel of hope. The Hebrew elements that form the name mean “the thunder of God.” We see Remial as one of the most appealing yet underused angel names on this list.
  • Raphael– Found in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Yazdânism, Raphael is a leader of the Virtues and one of the cherubim. The angel is associated with healing and is the patron of doctors. The Hebrew roots of this name mean “God has healed.” Parents, you know what to do!
  • Raziel– In Judaism, Raziel is considered an archangel associated with keeping secrets. In fact, the Hebrew origins of this name mean “secret of God.”

Angel Names for Boys That Start With S

angel names for boys
  • Sachael– In Christianity and Judaism, Sachael (sometimes Sachiel) is considered an angel of wealth, charity, and water.
  • Sandalphon– From Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, Sandalphon is considered an archangel and protected of unborn children.
  • Sariel– An archangel of guidance in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
  • Selaphiel– In Christianity, Selaphiel is a patron saint of prayer and worship as well as an archangel.

Angel Names for Boys That Start With T

angel names for boys
  • Tabbris– An angel associated with self-determination.
  • Tennin– In Japanese Buddhism, Tennin and Tennyo (female form) are flying heavenly beings associated with enlightenment.

Angel Names for Boys That Start With U

angel names for boys
  • Uriel– A patron of the arts, seraphim, and archangel, Uriel is an excellent name that does not get the attention it deserves in the US. Uriel is traditionally given symbolically to boys born during Chanukah. Thus, Uriel means “God is my light.”

Angel Names for Boys That Start With X

angel names for boys
  • Xapham– An angel of creation.

Angel Names for Boys That Start With Z

angel names for boys
  • Zadikiel– An angel of prayer, freedom, benevolence, and mercy. Patron to all those who forgive in Christianity and Judaism.
  • Zuphlas– An angel of trees.
  • Zuriel– An angel of harmony. This Biblical name has Hebrew origins that mean “God is my rock.”

There you go! Now, you know 50 angel names for boys that you can use for your son. These appellations are both warm and mysterious. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind option, you could no better!

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