Anime Boy Names Inspired by Fan Favorites

Japanese animation, known colloquially as Anime, is a multi-billion-dollar industry that’s huge domestically in Japan with fans all around the world as well. If you’re a big fan of anime, you might be considering anime boy names for your child. As you might expect there are many names that fit into this category that are Japanese in origin, but anime creators are not afraid to use appellations for their characters from other naming traditions as well.

We wanted to find the best anime boy names so we turned to some of the biggest franchises to learn what popular characters’ names will work for a real-life baby boy today. We found a variety of options to share with you. Take a look below!

Take a Look at Our Favorite Anime Boy Names!


Anime Boy Names

Before we kick this list off we need to tell you how Japanese name meanings work. Unlike with other traditions, the meaning of a name is dependent on the characters used to compose it. Thus, a name can have multiple meanings depending on the kanji used.

Ichigo is a name of Japanese origin that can mean “strawberry.” The name belongs to the protagonist of the series, Bleach. Ichigo Kurosaki is endlessly mocked for his trademark orange hair.


Anime Boy Names

Levi is a storied Hebrew name that means “joined, attached.” The name belongs to an excellent character in Attack on Titan. The soldier is beloved for many things but one weird quirk of being a clean freak really makes him stand out.


Anime Boy Names

Arata is a charming name of Japanese origin that can mean “new” and “fresh.” Arata Kasuga is the main protagonist of Trinity Seven. Arata is one of our favorite Anime boy names.


Anime Boy Names

Haruki is a name of Japanese origin that can mean “brightness” and “living.” Haruki Hanai is a character in the Anime comedy School Rumble. The 2C class rep. was given a fantastic appellation.


Anime Boy Names

Maes is a very old Dutch name and form of Thomas which comes from Aramaic and means “twin.” Maes Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist is a lovable character who is positive and easy-going.


Anime Boy Names

Riku is a name of Japanese origin that can mean “land.” In Kingdom Hearts, Riku is a fiercely protective friend with plenty of courage. It’s one of the most beloved Anime boy names on this list.


Anime Boy Names

The Japanese name Tamaki can mean “ring” or “jade bead.” Tamaki Suoh is an over-the-top character who founds the Ouran High School Host Club. He loves Mozart which is a quirky detail that might draw you to this name.


Anime Boy Names

Marco is a Latinate name that means “warlike.” In Attack on Titan, Marco Bott is a respected team leader. Marco is a favorite name in Spanish and Italian traditions and is a mildly popular choice for baby boys born in the US today.


Anime Boy Names

Itaru Hashida AKA DaSH (Daru the Super Hacker) is a character in Steins’ Gate. Itaru’s Japanese root can mean “everywhere.” Itaru is one of the cutest Anime boy names on this list.


Anime Boy Names

Denki Kaminari is a beloved character in the Anime series My Hero Academia. Denki is also known as the “Stun Gun Hero.” Denki is a Japanese word for “electricity” and that makes it a great fit for this electric character.


Anime Boy Names

Erwin is a grandpa name that was once popular in the US. The name has German origins and means “respected friend.” The name meaning is fitting for the character, Erwin Smith who is a commander in Attack on Titan who is remarkable for his intellect.


Anime Boy Names

Katsuki is a gender-neutral name that can mean “triumphant self.” In the Anime, My Hero Academia, Katsuki Bakugou is a polarizing figure that seems like a bully to some and a friend to others. Katsuki is one of the most fun Anime boy names to say.


Anime Boy Names

Osamu is a storied name of Japanese origin that can mean “discipline” and “study.” In Bungo Stray Dogs, Osamu Dazai is a member of the Armed Detective Agency.

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Anime Boy Names

The Anime, Natsume’s Book of Friends features Takashi Natsume, an orphaned boy who inherits the “Book of Friends” from his grandmother. He also inherited the ability to see ghosts. Takashi is of Japanese origin and can mean “esteem” and “honorable.”


Anime Boy Names

Tobio is a Japanese name that can mean “high flying hero.”  Tobio Kageyama in Haikyuu!! is nicknamed the “King of the Court” for his arrogant attitude. Tobio is such a fun-sounding name that could be a perfect alternative to Toby or Tobias. It’s one of the Anime boy names we can see taking off in the states.


Anime Boy Names

Asahi is a common name found in a variety of Anime properties. The name is of Japanese origin and can come with the beautiful meaning, “morning sun.” Asahi can be seen in Haikyuu!!, Food Wars! The Fifth Plate, and Dear My Patron, to name just a few.


Anime Boy Names

Not to be confused with Haruki, Haruka is another one of the Anime boy names that parents might find attractive. The name is of Japanese origin and means “distant” and “far away.” In Free!, Haruka Nanase is an excellent swimmer.


Anime Boy Names

Kenma is a Japanese name for boys that can mean “genuine” and “strong.” Kenma Kozume is a character in the Haikyuu!! who is considered the soul of his volleyball team.


Anime Boy Names

One of the most energetic-sounding Anime boy names on this list, Minato can mean “harbor.” In the Anime, Naruto, Minato Namikaze is responsible for dealing with a nine-tailed fox.


Anime Boy Names

In Bleach, Renji Abarai is a supernatural spirit called Shinigami. He is notable for his long, scarlet hair. Renji has a Japanese origin and means “next love.”


Anime Boy Names

Satoru is a Japanese name that means “enlightenment.” Satoru Gojou can be found in the anime series Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a special grade jujutsu-sorcerer and a teacher at Tokyo Jujutsu High.


Anime Boy Names

Spike is an English nickname-name. In Cowboy Bebop, Spike Spiegel is a fit Mars-born bounty hunter. The character is inspired by Bruce Lee and thus is a superstar martial artist.


Anime Boy Names

In the Anime, Noragami, Yato is an obscure deity who tries to build his own shrine. He also leaves his cellphone number everywhere to encourage people to call him should they need help. It’s one of the short yet sweet Anime boy names on this list. It means “stopped night.”


Anime Boy Names

Aslan is a name of Turkish origin that means “lion.” Aslan Jade Callenreese, AKA Ash Lynx, is a featured character in the New York-set Banana Fish. The name is not popular for baby boys in the US or Japan so it would make for a distinctive choice.

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Anime Boy Names

Kazuto Kirigaya is the lead character of the Anime franchise, Sword Art Online. He is a skilled gamer. Kazuto is of Japanese origin and can mean “peaceful one.” It’s one of our favorite characters as well as Anime boy names.

There you go! We hope you liked some of these Anime boy names and will consider one for your child. Anime is a global phenomenon and you would be in good company if you chose a name from one of your favorite animated properties. Happy baby name hunting!

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