Anna Sorokin Released From ICE Detention; Now Under 24-Hour Confinement in NYC and Banned From Using Social Media

In 2018, Anna Sorokin, who some remember as Anna Delvey, started gaining worldwide attention for her lavish lifestyle. It wasn’t until she befriended Rachel DeLoache Williams, a photo editor at Vanity Fair at the time, that Sorokin’s story took a wildly unexpected turn.

The article detailed Williams’ relationship with Sorokin, adding that the two went on numerous vacations and expensive night-outs – the two managed to rack up a $62,000 bill during a holiday stay in Morocco. At the time, Williams was under the impression that Sorokin would pay.

When Sorokin’s card declined, Williams offered to pay – but only if she was reimbursed. Sorokin promised to pay her back, but she never did and Williams didn’t hesitate to notify the police. It didn’t take long for her scam to result in eight charges, including attempted grand larceny. 

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Sorokin’s story has gained national attention. She was born in Russia, but moved to Germany as a teenager and eventually wound up in Paris as an intern for a fashion magazine. In 2013, she moved to New York and that’s when she started to fool everyone she came in contact with.

Under the name Anna Delvey, Sorokin pretended to be the German heir of a $60 million trust fund. Not only did she scam nearly $300,000 from various people and businesses, but she tried to take out $22 million in loans – which is where the attempted grand larceny charge came from.

After the trial, the famed scammer was sentenced to 4-12 years in a New York state prison. She was eventually released in 2021 after serving four years but was arrested several weeks later after she overstayed her visa. Now, she appears ready to rebuild her image and lifestyle. 

On Friday, Anna Sorokin was released from ICE detention and will now be under 24-hour confinement in New York City. She is also facing possible deportation back to Germany, though the case is ongoing at the moment. She also faces a temporary ban from social media.

“Anna now has her opportunity to demonstrate her commitment to growing and giving back and being a positive impact on those she meets,” said her spokesperson. “She has hurdles before her, and she will navigate them with strength and determination, using her experiences and lessons learned.”

Anna Sorokin Has Kept Herself Busy Over the Past Few Years

Anna Sorokin Released From ICE Detention; Now Under 24-Hour Confinement in NYC and Banned From Using Social Media
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Anna Sorokin is getting closer and closer to putting this ordeal behind her – though it’s a story that others will hold over her head for the rest of time. Still, the con artist has kept herself busy and has been interviewed several times in the past year. 

Earlier this year, Sorokin was interviewed by both Cosmopolitan and the Call Her Daddy podcast – mostly to talk about the Netflix film Inventing Anna, which tells her story. It was released in February and she received more than $300,000 for the rights to the story. 

In her interviews with Cosmo and Call Her Daddy, Sorokin gave her thoughts on how the film portrayed her. She noted that the film made her appear pushier than she really is/was and made her lifestyle seem much more lavish and wild than it actually was. 

“I don’t know, I wasn’t doing anything super crazy. I feel like there are just people who were spending way more money than I did,” Sorokin told Alex Cooper, host of Call Her Daddy

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Anna Sorokin shouldn’t find it too hard to rebuild her image. While she can’t connect with them for the moment, she has more than one million followers on Instagram and has fans all around the world – with some people labeling her the ‘scam queen.’

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