29 weeks pregnant with abdominal pain: Thoughts?

I need suggestions. I’m 29 weeks pregnant, and every time I move, I’m having lower abdomen pain and some back pain, it’s been going on for over a week now. I haven’t gone to the doctor because of the virus, and I’ve just been scared, but I’m also terrified of what this pain is. I don’t know what to do. My family and everyone else aren’t taking me seriously because they don’t believe I should go or worry about it if the pain isn’t excruciating. I’m just tired of being in pain and don’t feel like it’s normal.


Call ur doctors office and explain exactly what ur dealing with to a nurse. They will tell u what to do and if u need to go to the hospital. Atleast at the hospital u will be in Labor and Delivery not the E.R.


Lower ligament pain is what it sound like to me! No doctor but pregnant with my 4th! I had it after 27 weeks with all my babies!


It could be round ligament pain, which stretches all the muscles around that area. I have SPD and it’s very intense pain caused by joints separating too much. Around the third trimester it gets worse and there’s not much you can do unfortunately :sob: stretching, heating pad, Tylenol and rest is about all you can do. Of course if you have any bleeding or intense/different pain call your OB


No offense but if I feel the need to go to the doctors or er to check on me and the baby, no one is telling me different. If u feel like u need to go In. Call your doc and see wat they say

Please call your doctor. Don’t use FB as a tool for medical advice. Not safe for you or your sweet baby! :heartpulse:. Praying everything is okay!


Definitely call the dr. I done this with all three of mine and it was indeed back labor. Had to have pills with all three to stop it. (With my third one i was in the hospital for a week on a magnesium drip bc of it)… Better safe than sorry momma!!!

I had a back problems during my pregnancy as well. You don’t mention having your water broke or stuff like that. I’d call my nurse line if I were you.

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It could be anything from preterm labor to ligament pain call your OB/GYN office or your L&D department ASAP

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Could be a urine infection or kidney! I had this at 22 weeks was signed off for over a month & was giving tablets. Get seen baby is most important and they will never be mad for you being safe :heart:

It wouldn’t hurt to call. Most hospitals are offering video visits for most patients. If youra isn’t, try MHP in Indiana. They are offering for any state as far as i understand

Sounds like round ligament pain to me. Back pain is also common in pregnancy. However, if you are concerned you can always call your OB and speak with a nurse over the phone to ease your mind and see what they say/recommend.

Try paracetamol and a wheat bag and see how u go x

I had horrible abdominal pain at 31 weeks, Obstetrician told me it was my skin stretching - I couldn’t stand or walk…long story short - my bub was born 9 weeks early because I had a horrible infection.

I will always wonder if I pushed for more answers then maybe I wouldn’t have had a prem baby. Nobody knows for sure but the possibility existed.

Sounds like round ligament pains to me but if you are concerned call up the midwife

I’d call the doctor over asking Facebook. But that’s just me. I understand being scared to go because of this virus but stuff with your pregnancy isnt something to put off. It could be something simple but it could be something serious.

They are taking extra precautions at the OB don’t be scared to go I’m 28 almost 29 weeks and I’m also having similar pain it’s probably the baby stretching and growing drink water and sleep with a pillow in between your legs it helps a lot!

I’m currently 26 weeks I’ve had the same thing going on for about 2 weeks. I’m pregnant with a boy it might be because baby is staying low and growing. The recent ultrasounds that I’ve had he’s been low. You should call your doctor and talk to her about it. It might be something to worry about and it might not be.

I have close to the same thing! I just had my 28 week check up and my doctor said it was the muscles stretching and pulling because my baby is so low and sitting on my nerve

I’m 28 weeks. I’ve been having a lot of pain too… Braxton hicks & round ligament pain. It’s my 3rd one so I know what to expect a little more but I was contemplating the same thing… I’m too worried to go to a hospital or anything unless it’s serious enough that I can’t avoid it.