4th degree tearing during birth: Advice?

Have any of you mamas had 4th degree tearing during birth ? I’m wondering how sex was thr first time after healing up. I’m almost 4 months PP…and think I’m ready to try but a little scared, not gunna lie.


Everyone is different just talk your SO be honest n let him know how ur feeling… take it slow until u see how you are going to feel


Go slow and use lube


I’m dont!! Hurt like I had another baby!! Seriously, horrible even after the six week mark.

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Try it, if it hurts look for a pelvic floor specialist near you…there are physical therapists that focus on pelvic floor and tears

It hurts the first few times, dont use anything extravagant and expect to bleed depending on your situation.

I had a 3rd degree with a hematoma and the first time was different. I was more in my head than anything. As long as the doctor says its okay ahould be fine. Just go slow and have lube handy.

Everyone is different, I had 4th degree tearing and was able to have sex at 4 week pp. If it hurts stop and wait a while longer and try again

I had a 4th Degree tear with my second. Everybody heals differently. Get the o.k. from your doctor first, and then communication with your partner is key! I had a C-section with our third child, so should you go on to have another child, make sure the doctor knows your history.


Use lubricant, go slow, and try to relax. Being tense means the muscles down there are tense and it will likely hurt

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I had severe 4th degree tearing and it took me almost a year to get back to sex feeling normal. I also had to have a C-section with my second because doctors deemed it so bad that if I vaginally delivered I risked needing reconstructive surgery on my bowel muscles.

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:raising_hand_woman:t2:. I had sex a week after. It wasn’t quite enjoyable but with the hormones, I wanted it.

My first two kids are 11 months apart now :joy::joy:. So yeah I learned my lesson to wait. :joy::joy:


I had a second degree tear and i didn’t think sex was back to normal till about the 6th month mark. Use lube and go slow. Use smaller toys to help loosen you up a bit too.

I had multiple 3rd degree tears and one 4th degree tear plus I hemorrhaged after my first. Take it VERY slow. It’s going to be different but keep the faith, it does get better. If it hurts too much stop and try again another time. Like everyone else has said communicating is so so important

I had a small tear, waited almost 3 months. Hurt really bad! Hurt every time for awhile, too. It’s like practice and kegals lol!

I am 3 month PP with a fourth degree tear. I still am terrified to even try.

But it still hurts and my little one is 8 months old
Scar tissue and traumatic experience

It felt as though I was splitting in half for quite some time. Eventually though, that went away

I ripped up instead of back😳 but delivered a 3rd child vaginally w no tearing I didn’t have sex til like 5m pp

I had 4th degree tears plus an episiotomy, I didnt have sex until 8w PP and it was great as usual lol. I had my 6w checkup and was told I had the safe light to be sexually active and I healed well.