A random number texted me telling me my spouse was seen with his ex: Advice?

If a person using a private number/text app messaged you are saying you’re SO is cheating on you, would you believe them? This morning I received a message from an unknown number saying they saw my bf with his ex a couple of days ago. I called the number, and it said it was a Text Now (an app) number. Here’s a little backdrop of our story: we have been together on/off for over three years - he’s had a past of going back and forth between me and his other children’s mother. However, we’ve been back together for about a year now, and things are honestly better than they’ve ever been. Also, his other BM and her friend randomly message me from texting apps (because I have their numbers and Facebook blocked) to harass me. So, I’m conflicted as to whether or not to believe the message from this morning. Yes, he’s had a past of going behind my back; I thought we moved past all of that and are in a good place now, but I guess it is ‘possible.’ I just really feel like it’s the ex and her friend trying to cause us problems, but I don’t want to be wrong and look stupid. Obviously, you can’t tell me whether or not he’s cheating, but if you and your SO were in a good place and someone randomly messaged you that they were cheating, but they had no proof and would not reveal who they are, would YOU believe them?!


Trust your gut once a cheat, always a cheat imo :confused:

Find out day and time they saw him!!

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I’d believe it. They’re probably close to him and dont want to be ratted out for trying to do the right thing by telling you.


Possibly. I would at least talk with him and trust you’re gut feeling from the conversation


I’d ask for pictures it could be her being a bitch trying to cause problems

Why would you even give this jerk another chance in the first place


Whatever your gut tells you is right. Trust it. Even if it’s not what you wanna hear


I’d move on from the drama! You’ve been through nonsense already “why” not know your worth and move on from nonsense of this. :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming::woman_shrugging:


My boyfriend and I are in a good place and having a baby who was planned. And his other baby momma made a Facebook with his name and profile and messaged her self making it seem like he was saying all this horrible stuff. And when I went and looked for this other fb it said it was made 40 minutes ago. He was driving when these so called messages were sent. So he wouldn’t be able to send a message at the time she was saying he was messaging all this stuff.


Sounds like it’s the Ex letting you know she’s still fucking with your husband.

I would see who it is saying it first before I jump off the ledge of conclusions and before I confront him and find out their motives as to why they would be telling me this…

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I’d tell the people texting you to give you proof, or leave you alone. Start reporting the numbers as spam and save all contact in case you end up having to try to go after someone for harassment (if you can figure out who it is, of course).

If you feel like it wouldn’t just cause more trouble (Which it shouldn’t as communication should be 100% open in any relationship and everyone should be mature enough to handle the conversation), ask him yourself. Show him what you’ve been sent, say you don’t really know what to make of it, and let him tell you what’s going on. Sure, he might not tell the truth, but if you think he’s going to lie to you and you can’t trust him, then you probably shouldn’t be with him. If there’s no trust, there isn’t a strong foundation, there’s really not much of a relationship.

Ask for proof, talk to him, and decide from there what you want to do with all of that info. Only you know whether or not he is actually changed and trustworthy.

I would believe there’s some kind of connection. But immature people also cause drama out of no where. I would speak with your SO and tell him that you take this very seriously and it affects the way the relationship is because of past experience. If he there for you he will show you there’s nothing to worry about.

Yes I would believe them. Someone wanted you to know without getting involved and they took the time to make a text now number to make sure you knew what was going on.

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If you have to ask, I think you already know. :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: Sorry :cry:


Put the social media down and be pro active and present in your own relationship, you will find out faster if put your entire instincts that you were born with into gear. The simplest way to answer this is if you have to ask this question then you already know the answer. If you didn’t have social media would you trust him?

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I’d never gate myself enough to put me through this.

I wouldn’t believe it, but I however would have my radar up without letting him know it’s up. Pay attention to whether any of his stories seem fishy or if things don’t add up. If everything seems completely normal and you don’t have any weird gut feelings I’d say someone is stirring the pot.