*Absolutely no bashing* I am 15 years old, a mom and I am confused about my relationship. Help?

So I’m an FTM unfortunately rather young I’m 15 & my child’s father is 18. We never really had fully committed serious relationship but that’s cause nobody really knew about us just recently when I had my daughter I figured we would get serious cause we let everyone know the birth of our kid I want a family & he doesn’t want the title " in a relationship" but every time we’re around each other we seem like the perfect family I try to do my best to keep him happy in the hope of becoming a family. My heart is tired of being confused, but I don’t see myself with anybody else but him should I just give up? How?


Hes not worth it trust me dear

Focus on you and your baby. He wants whatever you can give him, and still have his freedom. It doesn’t work like that.


There is a reason he wont commit id sit down and have serious talk. But personally id leave it usually never gets better.

You need to focus on that baby and not your man child.

Since you are young, focus on you and baby. Focus on finishing school, focus on providing for baby.


I was 15 when i had my oldest son. I’m 22 now. Its up to you honey. I was with someone that i thought would always be with and couldnt see myself without. He was a nightmare.

Do what your heart tells you.
Im happy now with my new husband and we have 3 amazing boys.

If you ever need to talk dont hesitate to text me love. I’m always here

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Just focus on you and your baby girl, shes all that matters :heart:

Girl you shouldnt have to beg anyone to be with you. Let go and Let God.

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You need to focus on you and your child. If he cared about you or loved you at all he’d want to be with you.

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Take care of you and that baby. If he hasn’t stepped up to the plate by now then chances are he’s not going to. Just focus on you, baby and school. I had my first at 16 so i understand where you are right now… But i promise you walking across that stage to get your diploma will be the most amazing thing ever! You can do this with or without him in the picture. Have faith. You got this.

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Focus on you and your baby.

And to be honest, he’s 18. Legally an adult, you’re 15 legally a child. He could potentially get in a lot of trouble for that. So I can kind of understand not wanting to make it “official”

But also, you’re both so young, just because you have a child together doesn’t mean you need to settle down together. As long has he’s helping with the baby don’t push it. You’ll find someone right for you. :purple_heart:

Go to your court house and seek out the office that helps you with the parenting plan process. Look up options and advice as how to fill one out so your rights are protected. Ask him to sign it or file it with the court without his signature and have the judge rule on it. Trust me, you don’t want to play with parents who are wushu washy


You’re 15. You’re still figuring your life out. Focus on you and baby and if he doesn’t want to be in a relationship that’s okay.

Usually when a guy doesnt want the label of in a relationship it is because they want to still mess around. Forget about him, I know easier said than done. Your best bet would be focusing on your baby and finding someone who cares about you and only wants to be with you


Maybe he’s not as mature and ready for commitment as you? Maybe you can back up a bit and just be close taking care of your child together and he may change his mind later. Or you may change yours. Don’t push it. That won’t work. Never use your child against him. Good luck to you.

Your 15. He’s 18, if he wanted people to know about you he would of told them. Stop focusing on him and focus on your baby and school. If he wanted to be a family with you, he would have, you wouldn’t be wondering. Sounds to me like he wanted 1 thing from you and he got it. If he has a job go after him for child support. Your baby is your family.

Give him up, it may work out in a few years. The age is probably a big problem. You’re too young to waste your heart on boys - I’m speaking from experience. This will feel like your world right now but as you get older you’ll realise and hate how you wasted time on him. I can’t make you listen but I wasted 14-18 on my first boyfriend, we nearly had a baby together but it didn’t work out. Just concentrate on you and baby, have a good life together…get an education, a job, a home.

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Focus on the baby and you. Dont worry about him.

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Usually when someone in the relationship doesn’t want the title it’s because they want the freedom to do what they want/when they want to however you are expected to only be with him. He will try to use excuses like he isnt ready for a relationship but if he truly wanted to be with you he wouldnt put you in a position where he could lose you to someone else. It’s very controlling and toxic. You need to leave and focus on doing better for yourself and your baby. Think of how you would feel if it were your daughter in this situation. I know it’s difficult to face but you have to be a role model for your daughter and realize that you deserve so much better.