Advice for testing positive for GBS?

I tested positive for GBS, and my doctor told me if my water broke, I had to immediately come for antibiotics, even if I wasn’t in labor. This is my first time testing positive. What happens if my water breaks but I don’t go into labor right away? Am I just stuck sitting at the hospital? I don’t even know what to prepare for now because I have other children here at home, and I can’t afford being stuck in a hospital until I finally go into labor, but I also don’t want to be induced again because the labor was so hard last time.


In your best interest to go straight in so you can get the full course of the antibiotics. I had gbs and only got 3 doses of the antibiotics i think your suppose to have 4.
My son ended up getting the infection from me and got meningitis and nearly died at 9 days old.


They just give u an iv with antibiotic if your water breaks chances are u are in labour or will be very shortly after

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I had this with all 6 pregnancy they just made sure I got one dose of the antibiotics before baby was delivered


I had it with my third child and had less than a bag of antibiotics before he was born. I was terrified for the first year of his life because I read all the stuff on Google. He was fine and has never had anything wrong with him. I think it all depends.

That happens to me on my first child. My water broke but i’m not into labor. Just go to the hospital and they know what to do. They will give you an iv.

If your water breaks the baby needs to be born within 24 hours. So if you don’t naturally start contractions within the 24 hours they will most likely induce you.

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My water broke and I went straight in as advised and they started my antibiotics. After two rounds, they started giving me pitocin to induce labor. That’s not always the case but just how it worked out for me. Definitely go straight to labor and delivery once your water breaks.

I tested positive as well. My water broke at 39 weeks on the dot. I was at a 3 when I got there and after 5 hours I was only dilated to a 4 so they gave me pitocin to speed up labor. I was in labor for 24 hours

I was positive for GBS but chose to be induced. The antibiotic was through IV and 2 doses, and had to be 4 hours apart. So it’s important to get to the hospital once your water breaks.

It just means that they want you to get the full dose of the antibiotics because the bacteria can be dangerous to the baby and cause issues if he/she passes through it. Just because you aren’t in full labor doesn’t mean anything. You can dialate quick or something could happen. They just want you there rather be safe than sorry. You shouldn’t be stuck in the hospital. Where i am, they do keep you a couple extra days to keep an eye on the baby.

I had it with my daughter. Water broke at 5:30 and I didn’t get to the hospital until 10:30. I labored until 1 am the next day and she was just fine.

Well if your water breaks, you definitely are going into labor so plan for that. They’ll keep you. You need to have those antibiotics

I was induced with my 2nd child on my due date because I was GBS positive. I got 3 rounds of antibiotics and my son just turned 4 years old and perfectly fine🙂

You should have been given a round of antibiotics when you got your positive test, then they will run antibiotics through an IV while you are in labor. It’s not that big of a deal and not uncommon. As long as you get the antibiotics, then you and baby should both be fine.

I had it I was induced for other reasons. Really not that bad other than it doesn’t feel good going in for like 15 minutes. They continue antibiotics every so many hours.

Yeah… I’m not one to talk, I tested positive and had my baby two days late via csection because potosin almost killed my baby.

I tested positive with my 4th child. My doctor said as soon as my contractions are consistent for 1 hour or my water broke to come right in so they could start my antibiotics. She said as long as I had at least one round it would be fine but she preferred two rounds. I ended up being enduced and they made me have 1 full bag of saline before the antibiotics then started the potocin. First round of Pitocin didn’t start labor so I had to have another bag of saline and antibiotics before the second round of Pitocin Those antibiotics burned my arm though.

I was positive with my 2nd but they didn’t know until it was time to push so she got sick and went into NICU for 6 days, I get it’s hard with other kids at home but from my experience just go straight away and if you have to stay it’s better to be safe than sorry :purple_heart:

If your water breaks, baby must usually be born within 24 hours. If labor doesn’t start they will induce. If labor doesn’t progress they will perform a c-section. This is true of any birth, not just GBS.