Advice on a non formula milk for a toddler?

Mommas, any suggestions on non-formula milk for my 15-month-old? He had reflux as a newborn all the way through to about nine months old. He is currently on Similac Spit-up formula, but I’m looking to switch him to regular milk without his reflux coming back. I’ve already tried 2% & he liked it, but it automatically constipated him. The same thing happened with Soy milk. Any suggestions for milk that won’t affect his reflux or pooping? Thank you!!!


Lactose free or almond milk

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Goats milk, is usually alot more gentle


Lactose free, almond milk, maybe even 1%

Listen to your doctor

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Have you tried Lactade Milk? That is the actual brand name? They got 2% too.

My son had the same problem left him in formula til j cut him off his almost 3 n been drinking 2 % not much milk tho his ok

Ask your pediatrician

My granddaughter gets constipated on real milk, so we use almond milk for her.

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Almond milk! My daughter is on it and she’s allergic to milk and soy and she loves the almond milk. It comes in different flavors and unsweetened.

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Try putting a little bit of Dark Karo syrup in the bottles.


We use almond milk. My son has milk protein allergy.

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I used Isomil soya formula they sell it in a stage 2 as well,was a god send

My daughter had severe GERD. When the time was right almond milk and coconut milk set with her the best.

My son has to have lactose free milk. The lactaid brand. He had acid reflux as a baby too (GERD). He would throw up on whole milk.

Acidophilus milk or lactaid

Almond milk
Regular diary is awful for humans

The flap should be closed by now so shouldn’t be spitting up. Unless they are allergic or have dairy sensitivies, any milk should be just fine. Goats milk is easier to digest.

We went through a few different ones with my son like coconut and oat. We even made hempseed milk. He ended up only liking Rice milk. It’s good for them and our pediatrician approved!

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Has he been tested for allergys? Good luck!