Advice on anxiety in toddlers?

Anxiety in toddlers? My daughter is just over a year, and since she was about 3 or 4 months, she has scratched her forehead when tired. I gave her a blanket to sleep and kept her nails really short, and it worked! Now, at just over a year (this has been going on for a little while) she scratching the back of her neck and the back of her knees when uncomfortable (new people, hungry, tired). I have kept tight pants on her because if they are loose at the bottom, she will pull them up to scratch, kept her nails short, and have practicality bathed her in lotion! Yes, I have mentioned it to her dr and was prescribed a steroid cream to prevent itching. Even after I asked her if anxiety is an issue, she just seemed to brush it off. Her father and I have anxiety, and I know it is hereditary. I keep her skin moisturized and have tried many products and keep coming up short. Does anyone have any advice or tips to help? With winter here, her skin is worse, and nothing seems to be really helping. Thanks in advance!!


I’ve tried everything for itchy skin. I suggest coconut oil, especially after bath time. It is literally the only thing that stops me from scratching my skin off.

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Kids weighted blanket

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Cbd oil, I used Biocare and it’s helped my daughter a lot! Let me know if you want more info!

Sounds like it might be excema by the location of her itching… My daughter has severe excema, gets worse this time of the year and she itches so bad she scratches herself open, behind her knees, the back of her neck, her lower back, creases of her elbows.


My son used to scratch his head too he’s one currently and the only thing that helped him was the pacifier holder clip thing! He runs his hands threw it and it calms him down! The non bead one lol weirdest thing

Weighted vest or blanket seems to help. I work at child care with 1 year olds and we have a child who pulls her hair out in chunks when she gets irritated and cant calm her nerves the vest really helps and wr even tought her breathing exersizes breath in slow threw your noise let out slow threw the mouth and she understands :+1:

Would you be willing to look in to essential oils? Doterra ones have had the best results for my little and I! Good luck lady. PM me if you want a rep name for more info

I would definitely venture to say this isn’t the baby’s anxiety that is an issue. Baby seems to have a skin issue


Get a second opinion

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Try unsented soaps laundry bath and lotions

:wave: more likely sensory seeking. As mum you get to help her discover an alternative. Maybe rubbing a stuffed animal or snapping fingers. As for now treating any break in the skin with an antibiotic.

I’m not sure about a solution to the root of the anxiety, but my daughter has terrible eczema, she gets it on her face and hands from the cold weather, and CeraVe is the only thing that has worked for her so far! Just thought it’d be worth a try.

Could it possibly be the detergent you use? Kids skin can be more sensitive to the chemicals… Maybe try a trial size of something more gentle for her clothes and sheets

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Get her a taggy she can hold on to it and pull the material my 2 year old tickles his hand with the side of the pillow case

I don’t know either way since I don’t know you or your daughter, but I just wanted to add that this has been an issue with my daughters anxiety and anytime she is experiencing any kind of anxiety, she does this to the point of bleeding without even noticing she’s doing it. It’s usually her arms. She’s 15, been doing it for as long as I can remember so it’s a possibility

Consider a request for an OT referral for sensory processing. My daughter scratches herself until she bleeds when she’s overly tired, overwhelmed, etc. She’s done in since she was 4-5 months old. I requested an OT referral and it has helped a lot. There were other sensory seeking behaviors going on. She’s just over 13 months now and rarely does it and the other behaviors have improved as well. Mostly because we know what to watch for when she’s getting uncomfortable and are able to intervene.

When she starts getting anxious give her something to fidget with or something to play with to distract her.

When she gets nervous or anxious, give her something to play with in her hands. Small but not chokeable small of course. This might help

Maybe try a toy or blanket she can brush her fingers against like a tabby edge blanket. Or those sensory balls something that will feel abruptly different and hopefully help distract her? Good luck mama