Advice on dealing with a 5-year-olds attitude?

Has anyone else’s five years old developed a real attitude problem? If so, what have you found to help?


Consistent consequences for negative behavior goes hand in hand with rewards for good behavior.

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My 3 yr old is FULL attitdue

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Early bed and no tv. Works for 6yr old…

All I could say is welcome to parent hood . I have 2 aged 5 and 7 plus have sisters who are 13 and from my experience the attitude gets worse as they get older. is grounding , time outs etc is what I do in my household.


Good luck welcome to parenthood :joy: all kids got attitude n best believe the older they get the worst it gets :joy:… but grounding taking electronics tv extra chores helps to an extent.

My 5 year old gets grounded from all screens/electronics and if it continues he is grounded from outside with his buddies as well.

My youngest was so bad I took him to see his doctor after he had flipped out on his teacher an he was diagnosed with ADHD ab put on meds

Don’t respond to the additude. Hard I know. It can be infuriating. But they do it for the attention. Give lots of attention when they do & act as they should.


It’s all about which type of behavior is getting the most attention. No, I’m not saying you dont pay attention or anything. Let me explain.
Of course we praise good behavior like were bringing in the new year BUT…
When reprimanding, do you tend to get loud? Constantly reacting to unwanted behavior? It can be a huge factor in behavior.
Children will go for whichever gets them the most attention, aka if bad behavior gets loud words and constant frustration as a reaction, they’ll keep on as long as you react to whatever it is they’re not supposed to do.
No shit, try ignoring an unharmful negative behavior, like a temper tantrum. As soon as it starts, give a simple ‘I dont care dude’ and walk away. Give the bare minimum when you do discipline: not loud, no aggression, all seriousness. That way your reaction isnt sending the wrong signals. You’d be surprised how our reactions can determine behavior in the end.

My 3 and 6 yr olds are full of attitude. We called them Sassy and Mouthy. They totally get it from me, which makes it like 20x harder to deal with them :joy:

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If you keep them on track early it won’t happen.


Going through the same thing with my 6 and 4 year old boys. Currently waiting to see a pediatrician and child development for behavior issues. 4 yr old is learning from.his older brother which makes it all the worse. We’ve all been there mama. Goodluck and keep your head up.

More freedoms/choices. Children want to feel included and most often it’s hey eat this, wear that, do this. Give clothing options, offer different lunch options, ask before you do something that’s effecting your child. “Can I help you with your shoes buckle or do you want a minute to keep trying?”


My 2 year old has the attitude of a little bad ass

My mother cured my attitude problems with a quick slap up beside the head.

Just take away thier fav things every time they have a attitude problem and they will soon change thier and attitude’ it’s that simple am a mom with children with attitude amd worked with other peoples children that had attitudes’ keep telling them bad behavior doesn’t get your reward but a good attitude and good behaviour does

I call my 4 year old a sasshole…so 🤷

When are some of you “new parents” going to learn that old school works the best. I was raised that way by my wonderful parents and I grew up to be respectful and hard working. I see too many parents coddling their children when a good smack on the ass is all it takes.


Depends on the child. Some respond best to time outs, grounding, or just explaining. Sometimes that doesn’t work and they respond to getting their butt spanked. You just have to figure out the disapline that works for your child. Also always remember to reward good behavior with verbal praise.