Advice on Disney vacations?

MAMAS WHO HAVE BOOKED DISNEY VACATIONS- what are your tips and tricks for where to stay (FLORIDA) what to do (schedule?) and must-haves for a week of fun! My daughters will be 2 1/2 and 6 months when we go. First time for my daughters and husband Go!


Use Lauren Brown Thompson to book everything for you!

Cassandra Neal you might be able to get some good advice from this thread!

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Following! We’re planning to go in July. 1st time!!! But our rooms are covered :clap::clap:

Get the meal plan!!! Food is so expensive so it’s well worth it. We stayed at Art of Animation and loved it. Lots of fun decorations for little kids. My favorite restaurant is Ohana in the Polynesian resort. Also, pack water bottles and snacks to bring with you into the park. Check out Travelmation - Kristin Petersen, Specializing in Disney Destinations Her services are free!

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My parents took me when I was 5. Don’t remember a thing even with all the pictures they took. Looks like I had fun


Why would you wanna take them this young? They won’t remember it when they’re older,and most likely won’t be able to ride they rides being too small and short in height/weight. Not trying to cause drama and all,but just asking a serious question. In my opinion its money wasted due to those factors,but it’s your life do what you want. Just trying to ask an honest question?( Really not trying to bash,I’d just hate for them and you to miss out due to those factors aswell as waste money,when you can save and go when their older and bigger to ride the rides.Really just wanted to ask that question)


Grocery delivery such as garden grocer.

Stay on the board walk and do the meal plan! Also download the Disney app and plan your easy pass rides early, as well as book dinners. Like 6 months early.


6 months is young…lots of water and extra clothes hat fof the sun blanketg to block sun on legs if needed… I stayed at Coronado Springs. Its was nice be sure to bring or buy umbrella stroller

Holly Moltisanti Ramey

I took my 4 year old and 8 month old… their grandmother came to stay back 2 of the days with the little one. GreAt family memories…sleeping was hard as my little one wanted his crib. … just make sure u ask for pack n play or go buy one once your there.

I’m waiting till my daughter is 5. Anytime under 5 would be a hassle. I went with my husband before we had a baby.if you go make sure you pack some food if you dont wanna eat at their expensive restaurants. We only ate at the one in animal kingdom and universal studios. Prices are crazy. When you go to animal kingdom do not miss out on the lion king show & the disney light show at magic kingdom.

You will have good times and struggles . Have fun !! Disney and water parks my 4 year old loved

Honestly I would wait until they are at least 7 that’s when they get to really have fun and remember! I have never been to Disney World only Disneyland and personally it was way over priced and the kids didn’t have that much fun because of long lines, heat, the 2 year old was cranky all day because most of the times was in the stroller and it was so crowded! I can’t imagine Disney World being any different!


We went through the Disney website and stayed at an on-site hotel so we wouldn’t have to travel back and forth every day.
We managed to save a little bit by going during a slow season and booking through their website with some of their deals for package bundling.

My daughter is almost 20 months and in March, it will be her 3rd time going. Definitely stay on resort because it allows you to go back to the hotel for an afternoon nap. (We didnt stay on resort one trip and I would never do that again). We stayed at Pop Century and will be staying at All Star Movies in March. The best part is, your girls will be free! So don’t feel guilty. They won’t remember the trip, but as they get older, they will love to look at pictures and hear stories about when they went.

I am anoverplanner, but have learned to take things as slow as the baby needs them to go. We missed out on things because she was napping, but that is okay. Just take it slow and try not to plan to do everything. Also, jump on Pinterest or Google Disney tips and tricks. Oh, and definitely book through an agent. Disney agents are free to use and will be able to help you tremendously.

Find a Disney certified travel agent.
I used Tink’s Magical Vacations. They are free. I believe they get paid from Disney off commissions or something like that, but they are free to the traveler. They can help plan your trip and they have a lot of good suggestions and tips. They can also schedule your reservations and buy your tickets.

make sure you book your fast passes ahead of time for what you really want to go on! it will save a lot of time!

We booked an air bnb it was great