Advice on feeding a picky eater?

My daughter is 4yrs. Old and still very picky. We tried OT for her because the doctor recommended it. But its not working. She only eats chicken and sometimes a lil bit of beef from pot roast. She had fish sticks but she only eats like 2 pcs. She eats fruits but not veggies, the only veggies that she will take is if its in broccoli cheese soup. I tried to make shapes and stuff so her shell have fun with her food but she still very picky. She doesnt even like pizza, hotdog or hamburger. Please no mean questions, just wanted some opinions from other people what do they do. Thank you.


My daughter is 13 & still is ridiculous! She’s a vegetarian as well so that makes it worse, but she does like to help create, so I’ve been building her a cookbook with easy fun things to make. It’s a hit or miss sometimes, she’s also a gymnast, so I’m pretty strict on making sure she gets protein. Cheese, nuts, tofu. Making it fun helps. Thank God my boys eat everything or I’d go nuts

Give her what she like but always healthy if she like broccoli feed her broccoli and fish after a while she may open up and try new foods :slight_smile:


I am going through the same thing with my daughter she used to eat everything but over the last year she is very picky with food it’s either chicken nuggets or ramen noodles that’s it nothing else and she is doing ot now

Have you tried smoothies. You can add spinach to them without her even knowing

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She may be a little young for this but I have heard if they help you cook it or prepare it they are more likely to try it or eat it.

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My daughter is almost two and she is very picky. As well as experience as an auntie and nanny. I usually steam sweet potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, squash. Basically anything that can be blended cheese into a sauce to put in her macaroni. I also do it with spaghetti sauce. She can’t tell a difference, neither could my 8 year old niece who practically gags on any veggie. I’ve put veggies in brownies and muffins too. They hide green things well.


Get her involved in the cooking process. I always offer new foods. When making meals I try to have 2 things I know she will eat so like if we have mac n cheese, broccoli and corn I know she will eat the corn and broccoli. She doesn’t like Mac n cheese :joy:

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One of the things my mom did with me was “candied carrots” canned carrots with a little bit of brown sugar and syrup. It’s sugary but it got me to eat carrots. As I got older I appreciated the actual carrot flavor more

My son was like this. Just keep trying. She will grow put of it. Give her children’s vitamins.


My son was so fussy at the age of 4.
I fed him what he loved to eat and now his grown to try different types of food.
( broccoli, corn on a cob, meats and fish etc)
All you can do is offer and try your best.
It’s hard I know but she will eventually grow out of it.
Good luck !! :blush:


You can grate zucchini into alot of stuff and cauliflower.

With my kids, they mostly eat whatever I eat. When teaching them while young, if they didnt want it, I will get up and go get a dessert, put it on the table right in front of them, and tell them they can only have it when they have eaten enough dinner. If they don’t eat to my satisfaction, the dessert is put away again. No negotiation, no hesitation, and no snacks of any other kind before bed. They know I mean business, especially when they have to watch their siblings enjoy dessert! Now it’s their choice to eat dinner and get dessert, or leave the table hungry. I have always taught them there is a huge difference between “not loving” a food, and actually “disliking” a food. Not every meal is going to be their new favourite, sometimes you just gotta acknowledge a full belly is worth it, and get it over with.


Is she on a lot of milk?

Next month she’ll probably eat only eggs and applesauce. Children’s likes are ever-changing. Give her a multivitamin and relax, it should all even out.


Let her help. Let her pick out items at the grocery store and make them extra fun at home. Put food dye in pancakes maybe a smoothie she could drink in a fun cup. My son was picky when he was little and would gag on anything he didn’t like so I ended up giving in to whatever I could get him to eat. He is 5 now and eats everything lol

Least she’ eats fruit mine want even do that :joy:

The world will not cater to her as you are. 3 bites of a food at the meal, takes 20 plus times before they like it. Best to start as an infant

I just never stress about it. As long as my children are eating and healthy, then they are fine. They go through phases with their food like everything else.


its normal😆slowly but surely they outgrow it

my dawta is 10 and she still prefers jam bread ova anything else🤪