Advice on formula?

Any opinions on store brand versus name brand formula? Is store brand just as good? I use either earth’s best organic or similac advance (blue can).


Store brand is just as good. I used it with both of my girls. Just compare the ingredients side by side with the name brand to be safe.

Used earths best at first became too expensive store brand was for us and our pediatrician didn’t say anything about it had the same ingredients too

Kirkland!! We love it

Store brand is just as good

I get similac on wic but when I run out I buy store brand. My daughter doesn’t act any differently

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Target brand of advanced formula is pretty darn close to similac

Just compare ingredients on them

I use the target brand. Up & up if we run out from what wic gives us

Store brand is just as good. Dont go broke from buying name brand. Also true for diapers

I like the parents choice(might actually have a Walmart or sams choice logo)that’s comparable to similac. The quality is about the same and it’s much much cheaper!

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Store brands were just as good when we were supplementing for my daughter. Found the one from aldi to be great for my daughter

Aldi is very comparable and huge container for a fraction of the cost

With my son, we could only use the Walmart brand low iron formula cause similac or enfamil had too much iron for him and hurt his tummy and he was reacting to everything else

I tried all of them and similac was the only one that didnt make my baby girl gassy because she was sensitive

Store brands are just as good, I used the parents choice and it had same ingredients as the Gerber he was on

I used Parents Choice because there was less crap in it

We got similac because of the coupons and we thought he had to have the name brand, we thought it was better for him. Now we’re using Walmart’s brand (half the price) and he loves it just the same. It’s very hard to make that decision being new parents, because you want the best for your baby, but he doesn’t know the difference.

Sams brand they have several choices

The advance messed my daughter belly up