Advice on getting free or cheap birth contorl?

Advice on getting free or low-cost birth control in Tennessee? I have two babies; one is turning two, and one is six months old. I got pregnant fairly soon after my first, so I’m trying to get this solved sooner than later. I don’t have insurance at the moment. I was also wondering, has anyone tried the delivery for birth control online? I saw that as an option. Any advice helps!


Check your state I know in Virginia lots of times women don’t get full health coverage but they will pay for your birth control and yearly checkup. Or planned Parenthood

You should be able to get it through your local health department. If not free then fairly cheap.

health dept., pp, also have you tried applying for Medicaid?

Your local health department will give you birth control. The services are based on a sliding scale of your income.

Health department or planned parenthood in your area are the best two areas to start.

Planned Parenthood app… answer some questions, choose from what is offered based on the health questions… $60 for 3 months delivered to your door.

Planned parenthood( or something equal). Good rx for prescriptions. Condoms with spermicide until you can get something for you!

Dont have sex until you get birth control or use condoms

Check your local county Health department for free birth control :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I used to get the NuvaRing for completely free for 7yrs!

Your local Health Department

I used planned parenthood. I didn’t have insurance at the time and got an IUD for free. First one was good for 5 years second one for 3

You can get it for free at your local health department. I’ve got it there before.


Health dept. I know there’s stigma around that but they can do most anything you need for yearly wellness and handle your BC needs, sometimes for free & if not, cheaper than other options.

Nurx its online and I think I paid $3 a month

No one uses condoms anymore?

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In arizona I go to planned parenthood for bc pills if I dont have insurance. They charge based on income so if you really cant afford it, it will be free. Just gotta pick ones that dont have religious nuts outside.

Health department in tn will give you some free. I think they will even do IUD for cheap

If you’re single and have 2 kids you should all get state insurance.

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Depending on income, health dept will give it to you for free or low cost. They will also do your annual exams which are very important