Advice on going through labor and delivery alone?

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and already mom to two beautiful girls 9&5… I am currently going through a separation and divorce from my husband after being married for six years, who is the father of my baby boy! We also share a 5-year-old girl… I’ve decided to go through the labor & delivery alone since I’ve done the whole pregnancy alone. Dad agrees he doesn’t want to share this moment. My family won’t be able to be there as they are my care for my daughters while I deliver. I guess my question is if anyone has gone through this and am I crazy? Will the nurses, be supportive, and what should I expect going at it alone? And any words of encouragement or advice would be great!


Can dad not care for your daughter so family can be with you?


Look into getting a doula so you can have some support with you.


Also,I’ve done a twin birth alone. The hospital staff were amazing for me and so caring

you’ll be fine <3 you got this on the bright side, you don’t have to share the first moments with your baby with anyone else :slight_smile:

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The nurses are amazing when it comes to women labouring alone! You will be amazing babe XX

I’ve personally always have had positive experiences with the nurses - they’ve always been supportive and helpful

I mean ur kinda there alone. Nurses are they’re to do a job

Do you have a friend that can be with you during that time?
I wouldn’t want to do it alone :frowning: so sorry to hear. Hugsss

Nurses are typically super supportive. If you can afford it, get a doula as well. You will do great either way!

It will take your whole family to take of your kids? You don’t have a friend who can there to support you


The dad doesnt want to be there for the birth of his child?

In our black culture and community is a normal thing to do…

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Nurses will be your support team and trust me you can do this and you will feel even better for being so strong and doing it without him.

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You should look into hiring a Doula! My husband is military and was deployed so a doula was my birth support plan (he ended up being home for one week and I got induced but still had a doula and they are awesome)

Through a comedy of errors I ended up “alone” delivering my second son and it was incredible. I had my support staff (midwife and doula) but my husband was taking care of our oldest and I delivered alone, we delayed clamping and I even got to cut the umbilical chord. It was intense but pretty amazing and empowering as well. Good luck to you Mama!

I did it alone twice you can do this!! It takes alot of strength but i was proud of my self;) you got this!!

I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t imagine doing it alone girl :sob: this post just made me cry !


Maybe share the moment with the girls. I’ve heard others that have and it was the best moment shared amongst the family.

I was 21 and delivered my 1st born alone. It wasn’t bad. Drs & nurses were all super supportive and helpful. Its lonely but honestly you can do it. I’ve had 2 other kids since then n dad was in room/or both times, great to have help but honestly nobody to get mad(bein alone) at is better IMO… Not sayin I didn’t like havin someone or people there jus the ease of not gettin mad at someone sittin across the room from me eating was easier for me. Good luck mama, you got this. We are women we are like super heroes.

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