Advice on head banging?

Any advice on head banging my 12yrs daughter she cant sleep without banging her head i tried taking her to the dr when she was 3yrs old they said its nothing


Sounds like you need to go to a different doctor that will take you seriously.


My son dose this I took him to Neuro theraputics and turns out he is autistic seek a different dr


Make some calls. Especially not at 12


You haven’t taken her to a doctor for it in 9 years…??


Ok, at three years old it could have been nothing but when it kept up, you really needed to bring it up again.
Which is exactly what you need to do now. This sounds very much like a sensory seeking behavior.


Why did you wait 9 years to find a different dr for a second opinion?


It’s a sign of vaccine toxicity, not all bodies can remove the heavy metals, and if she has the MTHFR mutation it causes the heavy metals to cross the blood brain barrier.


My sister did this for years. It was just a comfort thing for her. She eventually stopped but it took a long time.

Ask her why she does that. She can answer why now.

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Keep going to the doctors don’t give up until you find out what is the problem.

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Schedule an appointment with a neurologist


My little brother did this. Started when he was in the crib. He would rock his body back and forth until he started banging his head. My parents padded that crib but he would find a way and continue. Doctor thinks it was stress. My grandmother’s boyfriend was a real jerkoff so there was a lot of conflict in our home (we lived upstairs they lived downstairs) once the boyfriend was gone he stopped banging his head. Honestly it was several years before they figured it out.

Something is wrong and old doctor you got there ain’t no help, get her new doctor.

My husband use to head bang in his sleep. All through his childhood up to about a few years into our marriage. He didnt do it every night, but he did it often. About 5 years ago, he got diagnosed with sleep apena. After he started using his C-Pap machine, he just stopped!

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My sister couldn’t fall asleep without banging her head back and forth. It will go away in due time . It would drive me and my family crazy lol

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My nephew did that all his life. Its a relaxation method even though it sounds weird. Please dont listen to all theses crazy things…

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My nephew does it and at the age of 5 my sister found out it’s a sign of autism

That’s a sensory issue. Talk to her doctor and get a referral to a developmental pediatrician.

You mean rocking? Like my daughter would sit and bang her self against the back of the couch, or in the car. She rocks on her side to fall asleep, sometimes rather violently, but doesn’t bang laying down. Not sure how she could, anyway. My mother did this. I did this. She does it. It’s a sensory calming technique. I did it in the car until like 15, but it inadvertently relieved motion sickness. My daughter has ADHD and some ASD symptoms, but no comfortable diagnosis. Neither my mother, nor myself were diagnosed autistic, and never had any social issues, or symptoms. Idk. If it doesn’t hurt her and she has no other ASD/ADD/ADHD/SPD symptoms then… who cares?