Advice on home schooling?

I am a mother of 3 children; two are in public, and I am having problems and issues with the school and how the system works. I am considering homeschooling my children. One is in the 2nd grade, and the other is in kindergarten. My baby girl won’t start school for two more years. Anyone has any advice on the school to go through for homeschooling of how to go about it. Thanks.


Katie Sullivan Thibeault

Depends on state and local rules. My state has k12 amd there are lots of gb homeschooling groups to help guide you

Look into online schools. I was online schooled from 7-10th.

I went through oten year 7-10 they were great

We homeschooled our son from 5th grade on and it was a great decision. Make sure you go through an accredited program… my advice.

Don’t do it your kids need to socialize and make friends

I know lots who Homeschool. There are so many different types of programs and theories. From run by your public school system to Unschooling and everything in between. If you are new to it and haven’t had much experience with education I’d say go a more traditional route. One that gives you guidance and lessons. As you get more comfortable you can always step away and do more of what you want to do.
To those who say your kids need to go to school to get socialization are completely wrong. There are SO many groups out there for families who homeschool. Classes and social occasions and it’s really nice because your kids will be around all ages and not just the ones in their grade. Because in life not everyone will be your age. Do some research There’s a lot more of offer then what was even 10 years ago.


Having slight problems does not mean home schooling is best. Make sure it is b4 having to go to these extremes xx

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I homeschool my daughter myself. She is in 1st grade. It is not monitored or controlled at all. I teach her whatever curriculum I wish. I use a Christian based curriculum. I buy my own material. Other than that supplies, trips etc. The cost is up to you and there is no beurocracy. .

My husband was home schooled and while I love him dearly, he is severely unsocial and struggles with making real and lasting friendships. There are benefits to home schooling and there are downsides. My suggestion would be to start doing your own homework. Looking into curriculums and ways to keep them socialized with other kids who are age appropriate outside of the home. Isolation causes its own set of functioning issues.

I’m also a behavioral clinician and I notice quite a few of our home schooled kids grow up struggling to function in society without anxiety. Socialization is very important and anyone who says it isn’t doesn’t work in the system seeing how important it is when it’s not there.

You have been homeschooling them since they were born.
I was a homeschooling/unschooling mom 25 years ago. We had the best adventures. A glorious out of the box life.


Ok, i dont have kids to homeschool, but i was homeschooled. It was lonely and i cried alot! make sure they have lots of activities and connection to the world, i did not make any life long friends, being homeschooled. Just a thought, it affects social skills.


Your children need to socialise and learn the real world where there’s people… Mean and kind… Being sheltered at home with you isn’t teaching social skills or life lessons


I decided this yr to homeschool my son. After fighting for him to receive longer speech services. And other issues.
We decided to do a Charter homeschool model. They provide the funds and they can only be used for school. Teachers recommend the curriculum and than you pick what you want. As well as some online curriculum.
We meet with the teacher about every 20 days. To turn in class work. Go over lesson plans. And turn in progress reports and report cards.
It’s the best decision we have made. And I wish I would have done it years ago.
It’s a lot of lesson planning, grades. We do at least 6 hrs a day. That’s one on one. Which is far more work than is done at public school!
But the great thing is they have all kinds of extra curricular activities that can be used with the student funds art, music, dance, even tutoring. The program contracts with these companies.
As well as field trips those are free.
We just attended the San Francisco Nutcracker. It was wonderful. School buys these tickets well in advance. They have lots of plays and outings to attend.
Plus my son now gets the intensive speech therapy he needed!
Visions in Education is the program. I highly recommend.

To those saying that the children won’t be socialized and all. There are plenty of other ways to socialize them.


My friend home schools her 12 year old son has for years they are always very busy doing meet ups with other home schooled kids and has made many friends via the home schooled sites​:+1::+1:it’s a lot of planning and submitting but you don’t need to get up and get kids ready for school or pickups that’s good

There are Medical reasons why parents home school and have nothing to do with sheltering kids

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Watever keeps u breathing and like ur friends are ur friends u think they be around in the future 20 years from now

Get Ross Mountney’s book ‘A funny kind of Education’ She home schooled her daughters who are both well adjusted adults now.She is very knowledgeable about how to go about it.Think its a good idea I wish I’d home schooled mine.Good luck x

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