Advice on horrible morning sickness?

Needing any advice to help with extreme morning sickness. I get sick a good 10 times a day. Even just standing up makes me sick. I plan on talking to the dr next week when my appointment. Just looking for tips til then


Peppermint! Gum,tea what ever just peppermint.

im 20 1/2 weeks pregnant with motion sickness and morning sickness multiple times a day dr says move slower and nap during the day and drink more water but its normal

Carry soup crackers with you and eat them all day in small amounts allowing the bad stuff that is making you sick get absorbed by the crackers…

Prego pops!!! At motherhood maternity, they work wonders!

White soda soda crackers lived months this way each preg a cy.only Prego that never had baby fat after birth.that I know

Vitamin b6 in the Am and vitamin b6 at night with unisom. Pregnancy safe and works like a charm

The small cans of 7up and saltines

I was told to stay away from ginger as its actually not good for pregnancy…
Ritz biscuits are good tho and yummy

Gingerbread and ginger ale

Honestly you can try all kinds of remedies but all I have to say is that you’re gonna have to just get through it.
I drank a lot of sprite/ginger ale. I also carried about a little thing of peppermint essential oils and would sniff it whenever I felt like I was gonna get sick.
It helped somewhat, but nothing really got rid of it.

Call the Drs office…I had to get zofran. Ginger in my water helped, but I am almoat at the end of my pregnancy and still having issues. Zofran is the only thing that kept me from throwing up, still felt nauseous all the time but at least the food stayed in. Dr told me to take 25 mg of B6 and 12.5 mg of unisom and that was supposed to help, but it didn’t do much for me. I was also told to eat smaller meals…I wasn’t really eating so not sure if that would help or not. Good luck, hopefully it passes soon!

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Vitamin B6 with unisom before bed

I’m a 3x severe hyperemesis gravidarum survivor so my experience may not compare but I sympathize. It’s an absolute misery having unrelenting sickness.
If you can, try not to let your stomach be totally empty. Find the least offensive starchy thing you can and get a little down at a time. Plain mashed or baked potato worked best for me. That helps with the stomach acid and gets the blood sugar more normal. If that goes okay experiment with easy to digest bland foods like cold roast chicken or yogurt, cold means less smell so tends to be easier to tolerate. Try slow sips of drinks other than water. Warm tea, gatorade, flat soda, sometimes they’re easier on nausea than water. Try lying on your side and grinning, which can repress the gag reflex. Keeping something down for a while is better than nothing. Watch for signs of dehydration and get to the doctor sooner if you’re not keeping enough liquids down. Dehydration makes nausea worse and starts an ugly cycle. Sometimes just getting an IV to reboot hydration helps a lot, and there are multiple medications available that are safe for nausea. I had a PICC (long term IV) and a Zofran pump. Do make sure you speak up and make sure your doctor hears and helps. Some of them still don’t take it seriously but there are options to help get through it.

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Girl I was the same way just make sure you keep some crackers near by. The doctor will prescribe you something. Just hang in there momma!!! I know its rough!

Peppermint mints, it naturally subdues the nausea

Yeah I had that, nothing really helped me. I just had to wait for it to pass at around 5 months.

Just call and ask your doctor for diclegis it is an old medication but the best one that worked for me… and I had severe all day sickness with this pregnancy! I swear by that medication… it also kept me from actually vomiting when I got the tummy bug twice this year

Zofran was the only thing that saved me. I didn’t want to go the prescription drug route, but absolutely nothing helped and I had a job to maintain and a 2 year old to take care of. It was truly a lifesaver and got me through the 1st and 2nd trimester with my son. :heartpulse:

Peppermint tea with honey in it