Advice on IVF and ICSI?

Hi mama’s I’m looking for information on ICSI and IVF. I’m in the process of setting up an appointment with my ob to talk about it and would like some advice. Any questions I should definitely ask? And if you went through it what was your experience? My husband’s count is extremely low we were told by a urologist. It’s not impossible for me to get pregnant naturally but highly unlikely… We’ve been trying for 2 years so figured it’s time to go down this road. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. TIA


My husband have low too, dr was recomendung icsi so we do it and we have 10 year old son. God luck!

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We did Ivf with icsi and it was successful. I was told I would never get pregnant. I can’t think of any questions for you to ask off hand but you’re welcome to ask me if you have any.

Same story. ICSI is more affordable but IVF is more successful., especially with male infertility versus female infertility. I have 2 healthy sons and pregnant with another boy. Three successful embryo transfers❤️

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We did IVF with ICSI to increase our chances ( my husband’s count was fine). We had a successful pregnancy the first time, but not with 2 successive FETs and one more IVF cycle. I was almost 40 at that point though, and I’m sure that contributed to it.
It was a long time ago, so unfortunately, I can’t help with any questions to ask. But wanted to wish you all sorts of baby dust!!!

As a mom who went thru IVF, the best advice I can give is truly listen to your RE and what plan they’re presenting you. Every body is different even with the same infertility diagnosis. I’ve seen so many other women seek out advice when your RE won’t steer you wrong. Good luck :heart:

We did IVF with ICSI I’m now pregnant with our son. Look into IVF support groups on Facebook.

since his count is low research how to build it. my hubby took three supplements and boosted his. also don’t stress and have fuck “playing” also no hot environments for him or tight wearing boxers either. cool showers and all that should help as well :slightly_smiling_face: good luck