Advice on keeping an infant warm at night?

What do you do to keep your infants warm at night? Our house is set to 76, but every night and early morning, it’s just chilly in our house. We put our son in fuzzy PJs and a swaddle, but when I wake him up in the morning, his skin is so cool to the touch like he was cold all night. How can I keep him warm with no blankets due to SIDS and such?


Baby Sleeping bags it’s what I use and fleece onsies

Put a onesie and socks on under the sleeper


If the baby sleeps through the night and doesn’t seem uncomfortable you shouldnt be worried. Especially if he’s swaddled.


That is super hot. I would turn down the heat and make sure baby had two layers on and a sleep sack.


Bub will soon let you know if they are too cold

We use love to dream and they have good cozy ones!

Socks and a hat! Helps keep the heat in

You seem like you’re doing everything right. Hes not waking up. Plus you dont want to over heat the baby


I always put a onesie under the pj

My son I always worried about because he was the same way but in summer but he loves it when it’s colder

Cold is better than hot always remember that!! Make sure fan is off and vents off him! If he doesn’t wake up and isn’t upset than it’s ok (it’s ok to me)

Sleeping sacks with sleeves

I covered both my kids with small blankets at night and they were fine

Holy crap! 76 is way too hot!! Just bundle the babe up in layers.

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76? :hot_face: Turn it down to 68 and put a onesie and some footie pajamas on.


My ac would be at 74

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Shirt & socks under onesie

My ggson is alway cold to the touch but he says hes hot all the time

I was always told better a little cooler than to warm.

Footed fleece sleeper pajamas with socks underneath.