Advice on lice?

What are your experiences with lice? I have a three-year-old who got it. We used over the counter lice medicine twice. It didn’t work, so I just used a prescription. Hoping this is it, all I’ve been doing is combing, washing, vacuuming! I’m so afraid they are going to return. Also, how is your school/daycare in dealing with this? Mine said, “oh, we haven’t had any of that here,” then said they’d tell all parents. I never got an email or paper note about it, which worries me that they haven’t told other parents to check their kids. I asked, and they said they sent out an email, but I guess the just took me off that email list? Seems fishy. Anyhow this has definitely been an adventure!


checking their hair yourself every day is a start

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Reach out to other parents, they should know.

This is what helped my girls tried almost everything and this plus the lice comb alot of conditioner daily and washing bedding constantly did the trick

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I would put regular conditioner on their dry hair and comb it by parts then wash it every night with lice shield

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My dr told me that there’s very little difference between the OTC lice treatment and the prescription. :woman_shrugging: told me to save my money

I use LiceFree spray. Saturate the hair and let it dry. I put a shower cap on my kids hair and have them go to bed with it wet. In the morning you can each it out in the bathtub and see the lice floating. It also permeates the eggs and kills them before they hatch. Best thing I’ve found yet.

Are you washing the bedding, clothing, stuffed animals, backpacks, car seats etc. those are commonly forgotten! Good luck! I pray we never get it :crossed_fingers:t2:

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The comb alone is worth it!

We use everything we had to go to doctor to get something

Flat iron her hair also helps. The heat helps kill the eggs.

Get olive oil. Drench your head with it. Get a REAL lice comb. Not the ones in the store boxes, they will miss lice. Comb and comb and comb and comb. Wash out and dry then comb again. For the next three night drench hair in olive oil again and wash out then comb in the morning.
Sleep with the olive oil in your hair those next three nights


Get a steel lice comb. Use rubbing alcohol wet all the head and hair make sure it doesnt get on their eyes. Cover the hair for at least 3 to 4 hours. The lice are dormant and can survive for hrs. But the as alcohol burns them and dries them.

Walmart carries tea tree oil, get some and pour it in a full shampoo bottle. Thatll help keep them away after youve cleared their heads of lice. I read that online. But check yourself and read it for yourself beforehand.

When my daughter got it none of the otc stuff worked. I soaked her hair in petroleum jelly and left it in for a day. Used dawn soap and baby powder ro get it out. It was a PAIN but it worked. After that I dyed her hair once every 6 weeks (same color as her natural hair). Never got lice again.

Apple cider vinegar (to dissolve the glue like substance on the eggs) all over the head. Let it dry.
Rinse, cover the head in coconut oil (to suffocate live lice) and comb comb comb.

I literally hate this I check their hair everyday when I brush it and I put boo spray everyday

Our area has professional lice removal salons… you could check into that

Tea tree oil in her shampoo will prevent it

Lice actually like clean hair, so after treatment and your sure theirs no nits… use oils or gel tee tree oil
Is supposed to help… anything greasy they can’t attach to …

Tea tree oil for prevention in shampoo.
Wash dry everything, if can’t dry dag it and spray with Lysol.