Advice on ovarian cyst?

Has any one on here ever had an ovarian cyst? I’ve had one since last Wednesday, and here we are a week later, I’m still throwing up, in unbearable pain. When I went to the doc, they said I’d have to wait 6 weeks to see if my medication has made it go down, and if it hasnt, I would have my ovaries removed…I really dont want to go back to the er, but I REALLY cant go another 5 weeks like this


I have, I’ve never had it last a whole week though. Maybe get a 2nd opinion. That’s rough. Sorry Mama❤

If your still in pain it may be something more than ovarian cyst. They thought mine was a cyst and it ended up being between stage 3 and 4 endometriosis.

I’ve had them often… go back to the ER and demand treatment, whether it be surgery to remove the cyst or stronger meds.
Good luck! They sure are painful :persevere:


I have cysts on both ovaries. But they are too small to do anything with. Mine rupture and disappear and there is nothing that will touch that pain. I just got off my period and they hurt me every single day of my period.


Oh man I have no answers but I’ve experienced this and I ended up in the ER because mine burst, it’s unbearable I’m so sorry! Good luck, I hope you get answers soon and feel better :purple_heart:


I get them all the time they usually rupture on their own

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That doesn’t sound right at all I’m sorry.

I’ve had 3. One was an 8cm dermoid removed via surgery, another grew during pregnancy to 23cm complex and again removed via surgery… and the 3rd ruptured.

They are easily removed via surgery. I still have both ovaries and was able to have 2 more children following the surgeries.

You definitely need a second opinion.


Call your OBGYN in the morning. Unless you have a cyst on both ovaries, they won’t remove both. I had to have my right ovary removed a few years ago, and I do fine with one… estrogen levels are normal, and my periods are regular.

I got them all the time they sucked . Pain was ridiculous
Mine ruptured went away
But kept getting more . Never got any pain medication from doctors.

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I’ve been having cysts a both of my ovaries since 2011… The doctor won’t remove them unless they get the size of a golf ball… until then I just been in pain and dealing with them how ever I can

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I’ve had cysts since I was 13. I also had a cyst that twisted my ovary and cut the blood supply off which required emergency surgery. Since then I’ve had 3 more surgeries. I feel your pain. I wouldn’t wait that long so either get a second opinion or head back to the ER. Just don’t want I you to experience what I’ve been through. Feel better!!


I was diagnosed with a 6 cm ovarian cyst. A few years ago. Don’t vomit or have pain but then again I take a lot of turmeric for other ailments. See another GYN. I had two male GYNs tell me I need a hysterectomy. Saw a female surgeon who asked a few questions. Basically said if I’m not in pain, periods are regular, then don’t mess with it. That’s what I did. But you’re in pain. See another GYN.

Mine typically don’t become and issue until they rupture. A trip to the ER for some pain meds usually does the trick… sore for a few days afterwards maybe.
They do make my periods excruciating sometime.

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I definitely would get a second opinion, if possible go to a university hospital. I have a cysts on my ovary but they ruptured, when that happened I was doubled over and couldn’t walk for a couple of minutes. They told me mine was the kind that would ruptured and go away. You shouldn’t have to live in that kind of pain

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I started getting them on my right ovary at the age of 20. I was sick for a week and in so much pain. The hospital just gave me pain meds and said it was draining or it could sometimes burst. They said it wasn’t large enough to remove. The pain eventually stopped but at least once a month it would happen again. When I was 26 I got pregnant with my first child. I started getting really sick again with the cyst. They sent me home on a Tuesday and said it was draining. Sick and in unbelievable amount of pain all week. Early hours of Sunday morning was back in the er. I found out it was the size of a very large grapefruit. It had twisted my Fallopian tube 7-8 times which in turn killed my ovary. They rushed me back to surgery and removed all 3. They said I was lucky to be alive. So my advice is stay on your doctors and even go back to the er. I know it sucks , but it’s better to be safe.


I found two herbal teas and some herbs I was taking in April and by June my body was back together and cyst and fibroid tumor gone

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I don’t see why they would remove your ovaries. When I had one they just said if it didn’t go away they would just remove it. I’d try to get a second opinion. Heating pad will help too for the pain.


Get a second opinion

Yes I have very painful but I never had ovaries removed seek a second opinion