Advice on still being breech at 36 weeks?

Hi there, could you ask a question for me? Wanting to know any advice for women who’s baby was breech at 36 weeks… started googling and now freaking out …


My oldest was breech for a few weeks towards the end of my pregnancy and then flipped at 39 weeks.

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Babies can turn at the last minute! Don’t get nervous yet :slight_smile:


You can see a chiropractor certified in Websters technique to help spin the baby. Also walking or bouncing on an exercise ball will help move baby into the right position. Otherwise the other moms are right. Sometimes they’re stubborn and done move until the last minute & when they’re ready

My babes was breach all the way until my water broke at almost 40 weeks. Then, when we got to the hospital and did the ultrasound, he was finally head down! We were all excited as that day they were going to attempt to turn him, and told me if it didn’t work we’d be going for an emergency c section

I believe they still have time to move in the womb. Your doc will turn them if need be.

My girl was breech at 36 so a C-section was scheduled for 39 weeks. Did ultrasound at the hospital on the day of and she never did turn. C-section went good and I’m really glad I didn’t try to go natural as her foot was by her head when they pulled her out.

My son flipped right before delivery… they massages my tummy and boom, in position:)

My daughter was breech up tell a week before I was induced (even though I needed an emergency C-section due to the cord around her neck )

My baby was breach the day before I went into labor. She flipped and i delivered 8/15\2020. Dont let it stress you out.

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You can carefully and strategically massage the belly to encourage the baby to move

I think it’s called spinning babies? Thats what I did

I was breach at 42 weeks he turned the 3rd hour of labor

Google told me to invert myself lol elbows on the floor knees on the couch

Go for a swim. Relax. We took my sister swimming & her breech baby turned

My baby was breeched and they didn’t check or tell me until I was already 12 hours into labor and said “oh that’s a foot!” :upside_down_face: I figured they would check that before having me chug castor oil shakes 3 days in a row. I did hear that some nurses and midwives can help your baby flip! Best wishes for a great delivery! :heart:

Give it time. It’s not uncommon for babies to turn right up until or even during labor.

My baby was breach most of her term. Flipped late and had a tight umbilical wrap.

Don’t freak out, my last 2 didn’t turn till 38

I did everything under the sun to get my 4th and last baby to turn. She was stubborn. I had a csection after 3 vaginal births.