Advice on the depo shot?

Are there any ladies that have been on the depo shot? I got pregnant while on the pill and am looking into different birth controls for after I have baby.


I got pregnant on the pill, went to the depo and got pregnant again :grimacing:
Before the pregnancy, I had random bleeding for a day or 2 at a time and a lot of migraines.

I was on the depo shot after having my son. I did not like it. I kept bleeding randomly until it ran out of my system.

I almost died because depo gave me a very large PE. I was hospitalized for 3 weeks. I only do isolated hormonal birth control now like Mirena. I’d avoid depo completely.

I have the mirena and love it

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I loved my depo . Until I got pregnant on it .

I had been on the depo shot for years and it was fine for me. Didn’t get pregnant while on it.


Depo gave me bad side effects

On my first 3 months of the Depo (due again on the 15th) and have been bleeding for the last 3 weeks :expressionless:

I got pregnant on the depo shot and the pill to. The only thing that is guarenteed is not having sex… Getting tubes tied is the next best option.

I didnt stop bleeding after getting the depo shots.

Had it before, wasnt terrible but when I got off of it, I bled for like 4 months straight. :grimacing:

Don’t do it I gained like 70 pounds in less than 8 months worse decision ever


I am it’s worked great

I had my 8 year old while on depo

But I’m gaining weight

I had no weight gain but my daughters did

2 years on depo shot. No weight gain, migraines are gone, spotting stopped after a few months and I dont have a period at all now. I love it!

Don’t do depo. I was on for five years and a nurse begged me to get off it. It has a side effect of causing early onset of degenerate bone disease and took almost two years to have my last child. I now use the copper iud.

IUD is best in my opinion. I got pregnant on the pill, the depo shot and the patch. I’ve had the IUD for 3 years and I haven’t gotten pregnant.