Advice on tinder as a single mom?

“Would it be weird if I went on Tinder to try to get back into dating when I have a 4-month-old? Her father and I haven’t been together since I was three months pregnant, and I’m not sure if men will find it weird/be turned off that I am on tinder when I have a young baby. Thoughts?


I had a boyfriend when my son was 2 months old

Fuck what they think go you

I actually know some guys who would prefer to be involved with a newer mom rather than a mom of older children because of the ability to bond with the baby. Really, if you feel ready, go for it.


If you feel like your ready to start dating again then go for it. This is your life.

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Absolutely not! Go for it girlfriend :blush:

Why not. Just dont introduce the baby and person until you really know them and have been out on a few dates. Never know who may turn out to be a weirdo (even in dating outside of meeting someone online). Momma deserves to be happy too!


Be honest. List it on your profile and you will attract the right person. What you put out in to the universe you get back. If you lie about it you won’t like the result.


Guys prefer young kids and alot of them are surprisingly happy rasing someone’s else’s kid.
The guy I’m with we met on facebook through my sister he came home from his job met me and told him " this is my son hes my number one I cant have any more" together 2 years engaged 7 months now and my son just adores him an vise versa go for it you can be happy too momma!


I’d try it take it slow

Tinder is a hook up site. It is not a dating site. Do you really want to be bringing strange men into your childs life.


If you want an actual relationship I wouldn’t use tinder… it’s more of a hook up site…


I did it at 3 months and I was legit not ready all I did was talk about my kid :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I met my current husband on tinder in 2018… I had a 2 and 4 year old and so did he. We’ve since gotten married and are now expecting our 5th and final child this coming Friday.

Just use common sense and filter out the trash like you would anywhere else…


Go for it nothing wrong with it

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Nothing weird about it

Do whatever you feel is right but also be super honest but also be very careful too.

Everyone saying it’s just for hookups clearly hasn’t used the app. There’s obviously people there just for hookups and there’s obviously people they’re looking for relationships it’s your choice which one you pursue


I’m on tinder :woman_shrugging:t2: have been on and off of it since I had my son who is now almost 16months old. I make it clear on there I’m not looking for nothing serious at the moment but also no hookups, just simply friends and if it leads to a relationship then so be it.

Try bumble!! Much safer!