After tubal ligation where do the eggs go?

Does anyone know what happens to the eggs once someone gets a tubal?


Eggs disintegrate if they’re not fertilized with or without tubes.


Following since I’m having this done after this baby :rofl:

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Pretty sure you loose the egg during your period? Can’t remember lol

body absorbs it and they all start to dye off

Your body releases it during your period or it is absorbed back into your body.

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Reabsorbs into body.

How does a woman not know this about her own body! Please don’t procreate


Your body absorbs them

Your body absorbs them.

Your body absorbs them but you make new ones every month regardless. I had my tubes removed in 2016 for many reasons and went to a fertility dr in aug of 2019 and was pregnant by Jan 2020 with my own eggs and husbands sperm, and due to have my son anytime. People should really talk with their doctors about stuff like this instead of relying on Facebook :woman_facepalming:t3:

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The egg stops at the blockage(or where the tube is cauterized) and then is absorbed by your body.

My doctor said since I had my tubes removed that the body just reabsorbs them

The ovary still produces an egg. It is absorbed in the body cavity instead of moving down the Fallopian tube into the uterus. This is why tubals are not 100% effective because the tubes can heal and the eggs will return to their original path of going to the uterus instead of into the body cavity.

They still release into your uterus and you still have a monthly flow

The body absorbs the egg.

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They stay in the ovaries

They dissolve into the body.

I was just thinking about this! Time for Google

Had mine burned after my fourth child, she’s 4 now. Sometimes I get baby fever and regret having them burned.
Aside from that… For the last year I’ve been having alot of pelvic pain and pain during intercourse sometimes follwed by bleeding. I haven’t been to the gyn yet but wanted to know if anyone else has had alota strange changes after having the tubes burned.