Am I a bad mom for not having my 3 year old potty trained?

Am I a bad mom for not having my three year old potty trained? If I try to force her, she just screams and has ZERO interest. I’ve tried rewards, like her favorite candy, new toys, etc., and that didn’t work. She despises diapers, so she’s been out of those for a couple months, and she’s in Pull-Ups, but it might as well be diapered. She just doesn’t want to go potty on her little potty or out the big toilet. Nobody says anything to me except my mother-in-law. She’s constantly on my case about it and makes me feel like I’m incompetent. I have stood up to her about my kid being MY kid, but she’s the type that she just continues doing/saying whatever she wants regardless. What else can I try? Or do I just wait until she’s ready? She was also a preemie, born at 28 weeks, but this is really the only thing she’s “behind” on.


My oldest (2 weeks shy of 8) wasnt potty trained until he was 4. We tried and tried, as I was a stay at home mom, and he just wasnt ready. Once he was it took maybe 2 weeks and he was fully potty trained. I stopped listening to others and listened to my child. You will get there momma, have patience!!!

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You are not a bad mom… Kids will do it when they are ready… And before you know it… This will hapoen😁


I would tell my MIL to mind her own darn business. My oldest wasn’t potty trained until she was almost 4 and a half years old. Keep doing you and do what you think is best. You got this.

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What does the pediatrician say?

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No, you’re not a bad mom.

Just keep trying here and there…do not force it. My daughter was about 4.5 before she was fully trained. It DOES NOT make you a bad mom…you are trying.

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Um, no. Absolutely do not even feel bad. My twin boys potty trained at 3 and their sister did it at 2 because she wanted to be like them. She never had any trouble. My boys are 5 and they still wear pull ups at night and my daughter is 4 and she doesn’t. That causes some problems because it embarrasses my boys. My husband had accidents at night until he was 9! I don’t ever complain about having to buy pull ups, if we have company we get them on discreetly. Do not feel like you have to force them. Do not feel like you’re messing up. Your baby will do it whenever they are ready :heart: every child is different! My only advice is be patient and let them know your love for them is not performance based!


My son just got potty trained and he just turned 4…he would absolutely not do it before he was ready. And it only took 2 days when he decided he was!!

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She will b ready. My son at 2 was in 4t pull ups…I had no choice but to push the idea… I took him in often made him try…every hour or two. Eventually I put him in underwear an pants. When he peed it ran down his leg…few times (like 3 days a total of 4-5 times) he finally at 9pm screamed “GET OUT THE WAY MOM I GOTTA PEE” an I was just sitting down to go myself lol. He’s now 7 an still needs reminders as he ius autistic an forgets. When I did this he was already training, showed interest, played with toilet, enjoyed bathroom so I did tat.

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Each child is different, achieve goals at different ages, would definitely encourage your child to use the potty, but when they are ready, they’ll do it

I would tell mil that unless she has some help to offer her opinion is not helpful or wanted and keep that on repeat
My daughter gave me a hard time with it and it came down to me letting her wear a tshirt and nothing else for a weekend and we stayed close to the toilet and by the end of the weekend she made huge progress

My twins was 31/2 before they was potty trained and my youngest was 3 when she finally potty trained i did everything I could think of to help but finally gave up an let them do it when they was ready. Within a few months they was potty trained on their own…your not a bad mom by no means every kid is different.


You are NOT a bad mom! Kids do things (especially at this young of an age) at their own pace! You keep doing what your doing momma, you got this!

Nopeeee not a bad mom. If shes not ready shes not ready! Cant force her to pee and poop on the potty lol

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No you are not a bad mom, and it’s so less stressful on you and your kiddo to wait until they are ready :blush:

Don’t feel like you’re a bad mom no .kids will do it their own time .

No alot of kids are not even ready to be potty trained until they are 3. I didn’t start potty training until my kids were 3. My youngest out right refused (would tell me no) so she didn’t end up getting potty trained until she was almost 4.

Try reading “ohh crap” potty training book it work wonders. I had my 2yo potty trained in a few weeks.

And you’re not a bad mom. All kids are different and do things differently.
Also tell your mil, to mind her business.

I’m going through it too :sleepy: my son just turned 4 in October and still screams and refuses to even try