Am I a bad mom for not wanting to play with my daughter?

Question for moms of four-year-old girls… my daughter wants to play all the time, mostly barbies and acting out games, I work full time and go to school full time plus I have a two-year-old who might be autistic. My question is, am I a bad mom for not wanting to play? I love my daughter more than anything, and I know the best thing I can give my kids is time, but I don’t like playing barbies, and I’m always so tired… Thanks for any and all advice!


Get ur ass in there and make her day.She will grow fast and you’ll be to late

Sometimes it isn’t about what you like… making time for BOTH kids is sooo important.


Look… I’m a stay at home mom and my 3 year old constantly wants to play from the time he gets up till bed time and I just can’t :woman_facepalming:t3:


Yes it isn’t about what you like to do. It’s about making memories doing something your daughter enjoys doing.


It’s not about what you want. It’s about spending time with your daughter and making her happy.


I feel the same way. I do so much with and for my kids but playing with toys and little things like coloring with them is hard for me. But when it comes to swimming or swimming at the springs disney playing with something’s like rc cars that go 40 mph stuff like that I do lol I feel bad


Cut back your class schedule. Do less away from home so you can play with your daughter.
Yeah…it’ll take longer to graduate but she won’t be 4 much longer. So stop putting your child off because you’re tired and instead put off graduating.


I have a 3 year old and sometimes I play with her, but I have no problem setting her up with blocks, or a craft or just telling her to go play. Kids dont need around the clock entertainment.


It doesn’t make you a bad mum because you get tired hun. But try and play with her sometimes as these days with her wanting to spend time with you are precious, in a blink of an eye she will be older and will choose to be with friends instead of you. Treasure that she wants to spend time with you. But it doesn’t have to be ALL the time as you have things to do too xx


It’s not about what you like to do,it’s about doing what they need you to do…
Playing with them wether you like whatever it is or not is what they need from mom.
Enjoy it while it lasts because they grow so don’t want to years later have regrets on the things you might wish you would’ve made time for :slight_smile:
They are a part of your life,but you are their WHOLE life at this point.


No, it is perfectly acceptable to do the things that you both enjoy together and allow her to learn to play by herself with the things you don’t. Too many people today feel the need to fill every second of their child’s day with their presence doing “things” it is just as important for your daughter to learn how to play on her own.


No you’re not a bad mom BUT you have to figure out how to enjoy what she enjoys. She will pick up on your vibes and you don’t want her to act negative towards others who want to play with her (at school etc). Just set aside some time and tell her “we will play for 30 mins, then I need a break” trust me, those little 30 mins 3-4 times per week will mean a lot to her. Those times are bonding times and teaching times, don’t let them slip away


Some of you make it seem like such a big deal if she doesn’t? I mean. I absolutely do not like playing. At all. That doesn’t mean I don’t spend time with my little doing other things? We bake together, watch movies, go for walks. All those things don’t involve playing.


You won’t realized what you missed until it’s to late.


I can tell you from experience, it wont always be this way. And when they are grown you will regret not taking the time to play stupid barbies. My daughter is almost 18, i wish i could go back and play a game or something with her. Take a lil bit a time a couple days a week to spend with her. Cause in a few yrs she wont want to play barbies anymore


Girl it isnt about what yoy like . its about making time for both kids and doing what THEY like.


Just play the damn Barbie’s​:rofl::+1::woman_shrugging:

I’m teaching my 4 year old how to cook with me. She loves it! I find it a lot easier to get her to help me with the stuff I have to do. We get to spend time together and I get help and she’s learning responsibilities. Win, win, win.