Am I a bad mom for quitting breastfeeding?

I have a 10 week old and I have tried my best to breast feed. He was in the NICU for 2 weeks so I couldn’t breastfeed. So I’ve pumped. I started back to work and I have a hectic schedule and don’t have a lot of time to pump. It’s overwhelming and it is stressing me out. I haven’t pumped in a couple of days and my breast hurt, so I’ll pump but now I’ve started my period. Is it too late to go back? Help!!


Fed is best, momma! You’re not a bad mom.


You do you, and whatever makes you happy. I have two thriving and smart formula fed boys. Breastfeeding wasn’t for me.


There’s mom shamers on here.
Do whatever you want
There’s healthy breastfed babies
There’s healthy formula babies.


You tried momma, fed is best.


The most important breast milk is the first few days after delivery. Be glad you were able to provide that to your baby. I never “built milk”

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A fed baby is best, you are not a bad mom at all! My milk didn’t come in very good and I had to stop after 6 weeks. You do what’s best for YOU and your baby!! Don’t make things more stressful on yourself!

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Your baby needs a mom that is happy. Formula is an amazing thing. Do what right for your family.

Totally up to you. If you’re determined to continue, it isn’t too late. But, your supply may take a hit from the last couple days of no pumping.

I would say if its important to you thats all that matters - reach out to a la leche league leader or an Ibclc if you want to continue. But if you’re ok with stopping then everyone else’s opinions don’t matter! Its all about what you want and can do for your journey.

It is hard. Being a mom is hard. You can really decide to do whatever you want. It’s not too late to try to get a good supply back. Or you can choose to use formula. Whatever you feel is right for you is the best decision.

You do whatever the hell you want… fed is best, boob, bottle… who cares… you do you :blush:

You’re not a bad mom at all FED IS BEST. My son was also in the Nicu so we didn’t have the contact but I pumped for him as much as I could until it wasn’t possible anymore.

Do what is best for you and babe, you can go back to breastfeeding, it takes work, like a lot of work but it’s totally possible :slight_smile: just remember your supply will dip a bit when your on your period, look into domperidone, power pumping, and supplement formula at the breast when possible, lots of skin to skin! Look into Dr Jack Newman, he’ll be your saviour! :heart:

You do what causes you the least amount of stress.


Not at all. My 1-2mths 2-1mth and last baby was 2 weeks. I just plain couldn’t do it and it made me sad but I knew my babies were fed and happy. You are doing wonderful!

You have to do what’s best for both of you.
If pumping is stressing you out chances are the baby is stressed. They feed off your emotions.

So if you have to do both then that works too. But if you pump your never gonna dry up.

There is no such thing as a “bad mom” for any feeding choice made! Your baby is loved! :heart:


You are NEVER a bad mother for not breast feeding. As long as your baby is loved, and fed that’s all that matters❤


If you want to start again just establish a pumping routine and bring easy snacks you can eat while you pump on your breaks and lunch breaks and feed the baby when you get home your right the first few weeks are always the hardest but once you get past that it’s much easier you can do it ! And if not that’s fine your baby will love you either way

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