Am I at risk of losing my job?

I just took a new job and didn’t disclose that I’m over 20 weeks pregnant. Does anyone know if I’m at risk of losing my job after I have the baby?


Nope…that’s discrimination

You are not required to disclose it that far in advance. However, if they are an “At will” company they can let you go anytime they want without reason.


You do not have to disclose unless your pregnancy requires you to have a special accommodation to perform the job duties you were assigned. There may be an issue if you have not reached FMLA eligibility status when you have the baby. They aren’t obligated to keep your position while you’re out if you do not have leave coverage to protect you.

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You won’t qualify for FMLA so they don’t have to keep your position for you.


Not sure I would phone labor standards human rights as to what your rights are. U will go on maternity employment insurance if u can but check out what your rights r before hand

Depends on the state and if it is a fire at will or not. Once you go on leave they don’t have to hold your job. But they can’t fire you because your pregnant.

Depends on their policies. And state law. Why keep that a secret. They cant discriminate against you if you told them the truth

Depends on the morals of the company you are now working for. Prove your worthy of the job and don’t miss any days, they may hold your position for you after baby. They are not obligated to hold your position as you won’t have fmla until 1 year. A good company will not let a good employee go for having a baby.

The first time I worked for Walmart, I found out I was pregnant after less than 60 days of getting hired. I had already lost 2 children and was very high risk. However, because I was still in my first 90 days and I could no longer climb the tall ladders and lift very heavy boxes, management told me I had 3 options. 1) stay in my position doing the same thing that may have made me miscarry, 2) quit or 3) they would fire me. I ended up quitting a few days later as my unborn child was much more important than that bullshit ass job

Odds are if it causes you to miss a lot of time you will lose it due to attendance issues. You do not qualify for FMLA as you haven’t worked there long enough. Most companies will work with you but they do not have to.

My question is why you chose not to tell them? You don’t have a “discrimination” case because knowingly and purposefully withheld information. You also won’t qualify for FMLA. As long as you don’t go over your leave then you will be fine. Try talking to the now so maybe there won’t be any problems.

Each state has maternity leave guidelines. Likely you won’t qualify for FMLA, so if you miss time over what is allowed by maternity leave laws in your state, it is possible.

You won’t qualify for FMLA the 12 weeks off. But pregnancy is a protected working class you can’t loose your job for having a baby/being pregnant. But you may only a few days, week off. Just depends.

I don’t know what the job is or who hired you but it should be ok. I was in your shoes except I did tell them I was pregnant and then got a speech about how I should be putting dinner on the table. I left in tears because there would be no dinner or table if I couldn’t find a way to pay for it. But that was 25 years ago and even then I could probably have fought it and won. If you’re willing to be a good worker they can’t discriminate because you need a few weeks off.

I’m pretty sure that’s discrimination if they fire you for it, I don’t think you have to disclose that


Does the application ask… if not. I wouldn’t see that its relevant. Unless you can’t do your job.

Depends on employer. They shouldn’t. Some jobs state employees are at will and can be fired at any time. Doesn’t mean they say fired due to being prego.

I did the same. If this is the UK they can’t touch you.

I think it would depend on the job and where you are and FMLA requirements

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