Am I at risk of losing my job?

You should check if you’re on probation for 3 months. If so, they can fire you for whatever reason they want. For us in Quebec that’s how it works

Possibly. Sometimes you have to be at job for a year before you’re eligible for fmla.

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Depends on the job requirements and if being pregnant prevents you from completely your requirements adequately. Or if it’s an at will state and the boss is a dick. Also they would not have to hold your job for you when you go on maternity leave because you will not have been employed for 12 months which is the requirement.

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Pretty sure it’s illegal if they do that. Discrimination. ALSO some women find out super late in their pregnancies that they’re actually pregnant. So that would be a slippery slope for them.

Legally I’d say no. But from experience they can always find a way

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If ur in the uk u der law they cant as its discrimination and by law u have to a certain time to notify your job your pregnant with our mat b1 form however doesnt stop the employer trying to be shady and terminate contract by jsing something else as an excuse if your under provation

Depends on the state. If it’s a right to work stated they can fire you for any reason any time You may say it’s because of pregnancy but they may say nope her productivity was low I think it was not a good choice to not inform them. Some of your benefits won’t kick in probably paid medical leave and i know FMLA won’t you have to work 12 continual months for that My hubby hired a employee pregnant once. Lots of people do.

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Legally, no they can’t fire you for being pregnant.
That doesn’t mean they won’t though.

Seeing as how its a new job you wouldnt qualify for fmla…they cant fire you for being pregnant but they can fire you for other reasons especially if your state is an at will state or there is a probationary period

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They cannot discriminate due to pregnancy. If they do and fire you specifically for that reason got to the EEOC and file a claim against them. But you will not qualify for FMLA so do not expect a paid LOA and they also do not have to hold your job for you to return back to.

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They can’t discriminate but some states don’t need a reason to fire you. So it really depends on the state.

It depends on your state really. There is a protection act in place that is supposed to prevent discrimination against pregnant women in the workforce every where in the US. However…if you live in Nebraska like me…they do not recognize unlawful termination so it’s like a stupid little loophole that allows them to fire pregnant women here without consequence.

I think that’s illegal for them to punish you for that

You can take the 6-8 weeks unpaid to recover. I’m not sure if you get the 6 week bonding time. Contact HR on that.

But no they can fire you unless you call out for long periods of time past the recovery/ or if something keeps you on short term disability.

Not in Canada, but if you are in certain areas of the USA you might have a problem

Are you in a “right to work” state? They can fire you for pretty much any reason. You have to work 1250 hours in 1 calendar year at the employer (if they have 50 plus employees) to be considered for FMLA. And also if you take their insurance be careful, if you decide not to return to work after the baby is born and your employer paid anything on your insurance they can ask for all of that back.


You lied so you should be fired


No. Its illegal but they can say you can’t preform your job duties and THAT can be a valid reason for termination. Not simply because youre pregnant.

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They can’t discriminate against you because your pregnant as long as you can preform all tasks required in your job title. As long as your being pregnant doesn’t hinder your preforms as an employee they can’t do anything


It’s illegal for pregnancy alone to disqualify you from being hired for a position and there’s a reason that asking questions about your medical background are not allowed - it’s discrimination to make hiring decisions based on the health of the applicant. But depending on the laws of your state they may not have to give a reason for firing you so they can get around it by finding some other official reason for termination.

But you are legally entitled to time off to care for your child after it is born (not necessarily paid though), and you are not required to disclose a pregnancy or any other medical history for a hiring. Depending on the job’s usual schedule for benefits etc you may not be eligible for coverage under their usual maternity leave plan if you won’t be covered by their insurance in that time period for your role. If they have indicated in any way that your pregnancy is the reason for your firing or have said they wouldn’t have hired you if they’d known you were pregnant, try to get screenshots of anything in writing and get some legal counsel for it.