Am I at risk of losing my job?

Depending on your job duties. It asks in applications (I’m in Louisiana) do you have any medical conditions for not doing certain things. Like lifting heavy things. I think you should have told them before you were hired. It’s being dishonest.

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As a company owner, I would do my best to be rid of you just because you’re an obvious liar…


Definitely depends on state… my state is if the company offers a FMLA you have to work for a year to get that. If you dont have that then the company will let you go but you will be eligible for rehire. So basically if you dont qualify for FMLA then yes you will be fired when you have the baby.

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Talk to your supervisor ASAP. I told my boss prior to taking my job I was 16 weeks pregnant. I also talked to the department head as well told her my concerns and my job was held until I got back. I wasn’t at the time eligible for FMLA. I’m honestly very lucky.

Nope. Its illegal to discriminate against someone for being pregnant and the leave you take is under the order of a doctor and protected by Family medical leave act. You will be fine… Its sad that women have to hide a pregnancy to get a job because even though its illegal they will discriminate against you it.

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I was 12 weeks when I got my job. Told them around 18 week. I work in a law office and the lawyers 100% understood why I didn’t tell them until later. They were awesome about it

It’s not legal for them to fire you because you are pregnant or for giving birth. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t find some other “reason” to let you go.

I didnt disclose i was 8 months pregnant when I showed up to work. Its illegal for them to use it against you.

It won’t if you spend the next few months proving that you are worth employing. I started a job 20 weeks pregnant, but fully disclosed this, and one manager didn’t want to hire me. My daughter wasn’t even a year old when I was promoted to his job. (He moved stores.)

Depends if you’re capable of doing the job and if it’s safe.
Also you’re at risk of not having time since you’re starting so late.

Depends on your state. You definitely did not need to disclose you were pregnant. And it would be discriminatory for them to not hire you if you did, but that’s difficult to prove.

However in most states, your job is only protected after maternity leave if you’ve been there for at least 6 months.


Depends where you live. I live in NYC and it’s an at will employment state. You can be terminated at any time for any reason. Many job make you sign a document stating that although many people do read them. I’ve seen a few women get fired once they start to show at my current job.


You don’t have to disclose pregnancy and they aren’t allowed to discriminate towards you for being pregnant. If they fire or you tell you your job is in jeopardy I’m sure you could make a case out of it. That’s not saying you’ll get paid maternity leave but they can’t fire you for being on unpaid leave either.


You aren’t going to qualify for fmla, that much I know. So yes, you can lose your job. If you don’t qualify for fmla they don’t have to hold your position.


It depends on the job but unfortunately you won’t qualify for fmla if you’re in the US. You have to be employed for at least a year first. So if your job doesn’t give maternity leave you should find out from your manager what their policy is on that.


You won’t get in trouble but (depending where you are) most places do not have to hold your job for you unless you have been there a certain length of time. Like my job, for example, is one year. So there’s a chance you won’t have a job to return to.


I live in TX. I did not disclose that I was roughly 6 months pregnant at the time of the interview and hiring. Didn’t tell them until about 7 or 8 months. Wasn’t their damn business :woman_shrugging:t5:
It depends on your state honestly, but they can’t fire you for being pregnant. But the after, oh yeah. They can let you come back from maternity leave and fire you the next day - in an at will state.


So. I work in Veterinary medicine, around anesthesia, x-ray, mean cats and dogs… I would think that would be something to disclose if when you start, you cannot do certain aspects of the job. That would severely limit what you are able to do.

I would imagine that over 20 weeks you’re showing so they would have noticed. That being said, it really depends on the company’s policies.

Nope. You don’t have to disclose not before you have the baby But…Depending on when you go out you won’t qualify for FMLA leave if you haven’t been there for 6 months they are not obligated to hold a job for you when you are cleared to come back to work.