Am I being over protective?

We want to take our 21-month-old to look at Christmas lights, but it’s too cold to take him in his stroller, and his dad wants to drive around the neighborhood instead but is insisting we forward face him JUST around the neighborhood. We’ve been arguing about it all week. I say no; he’s just too little at 23lbs even if he is 80% for height. (Bean pole like his mama). Dad says he won’t be able to see the lights rear-facing, and he will be perfectly safe just around the neighborhood. Am I being too overprotective? Or am I right to take a stand on this?

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That’s a 50/50. I’m 100% for
Rear facing, but also I would do it for one night just around the neighborhood.

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I would turn baby around he is almost 2 one time isnt going to hurt baby around the neighborhood

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I’m with dad on this one. Normally ya sure but one time around a neighborhood that everyone is going super slow to see lights I don’t see the problem.


His seat should be the same height backwards as it is forwards. I don’t see the need to swap it around if he can see out the windows as is


Is it worth your child’s life? It’s why they call them accidents :unamused:


My sons 2, and he can see the lights facing backwards just fine!


The problem with turning them once is that if they’re like all of my kids have been, car rides rear facing after turning them one time, are a friggin nightmare. Once my kids got a taste of forward facing, they would absolutely scream bloody murder every time I put them in the car rear facing. I can deal with it to an extent, but eventually it wears on your nerves and makes you want to either turn them around for good or never leave the house again. If you’re willing to risk it, do it. I don’t recommend though.:woman_shrugging:t3:


Turn that baby around and let him see those lights!! This year has sucked enough for kids


I would worry more about the kid not wanting to rear face anymore after seeing the world forward facing. Around the neighborhood would be pretty slow speeds, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that aspect.

Turn him forward facing, he’ll be just fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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He can see the lights rear facing!! I wouldn’t risk it. All it takes is one accident to be severely, even fatally injured.


Im with dad… especially if its just looking at lights…


I would do it for a short drive at that age for something like that

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My daughter can see through the rear facing seat and she’s a tiny peanut. Another consideration, though, is your child’s attitude about the seat. Once you turn him forward he may not want to rear face anymore and you could have tantrums. I wouldn’t think it’s worth it. My child regularly points out things she can see from her rear facing seat. They can see.


He’ll be fine :woman_facepalming:t2: it’s just around the neighborhood and it’s not like he’s 2months old. He’s almost 2. He’ll survive


If you’re doing it so he can see lights, you’ll be wasting your time and efforts by keeping him rear facing for it. They cant see anything.

I would just turn him around. My 20 month old is foward facing. She’s 31lbs and 2ft 11in. (Took after her dad)
She will act like someone is killing her if you try to turn her rear facing.

You’re just looking at lights and driving slow. Your bean should be fine. Just turn your child back to rear facing immediately after your done so he won’t get used to it.


My daughter is over 3 and can still see the lights just fine! Talk to your child while your looking at lights and say “oh look how beautiful those lights are over there, do you see them?”. You’ll be just fine.


We did the same and forward faced her. let him see the lights. And he is right, you can’t see the lights being rear facing