Am I being overdramatic?

Long post…I don’t know if I’m being overdramatic or just being protective… my mother in law to me has been very toxic. From me being pregnant with my first son to being pregnant again for the second time… the first pregnancy, she went about calling my son a bastard out of spite when arguing with my husband…I forgave her & let it go, but she’s constantly bad mouthing me in every situation. I try to keep my distance to cause fewer problems. I try to be civil for my husband since it is his mother. He doesn’t ever see anything wrong when it comes to his mother… I just found out I’m pregnant & she automatically went out telling people that she hoped we’d never have a girl so no one would take her youngest daughter’s place in the family. When confronted she said she never said anything like that & my husband believed her… I want to keep my distance to keep the negativity away. Question is am I overdramatic?. I refuse to let my kid/s be around people who don’t like their mother… & not only has my MIL bad-mouthed my son, so I had my FIL.


Toxic is toxic babe!!


This isnt a MIL problem this is a husband problem. If he never has your back, always believes her, and poses no consequences to her actions, nothing will ever change. You need to put it your husband that she was and continues to be out of line and that if he cant have your back, he can go move back in with his mommy and she can be his life partner.


Nope, you are not! He’s clearly a mommas boy who believes his mother can do no wrong which is stupid & very annoying! and based on this alone i can tell she’s a very nasty person who has a lot of issues.

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She’s definitely toxic and plays victim! Start recording her then she can’t lie! I would definitely keep my distance!


Thats why my girls aren’t around my dad. Toxic is toxic regardless of who they are!

Family or not, toxic is toxic. I don’t think you are being over dramatic at all.

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I wouldn’t allow her round your kids at all! I’d be telling your husband to sort it out and tell him exactly what she has said and he needs to sort it or she isn’t welcome again

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Toxic is toxic, and the fact that your husband doesn’t say anything says a lot about him and the kind of husband he is. :woman_shrugging:


Put your foot down. If he cannot stand up to his mother in regards to you and the kids, then tell him to go back and live with his mommy. When we first got married I told my parents and he told his, this is our marriage, if you don’t like it then you don’t have to be a part of it. Trust me I never had a problem with his parents and he never has had a problem with mine.

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I pulled my kids away from their dads mom because she is beyond toxic best decision I ever made

My kids dont see my mother for that reason. She’s a psycho bitch. My kids range in age from 17-28 and I have 6. None of them want anything to do with her because she is toxic. You have a choice those are your kids you can refuse her seeing them. And there isn’t a damn thing your husband can do about it. If you 2 weren’t married he wouldn’t have a say so dont give him one now.

The minute she called my child a bastard she wouldn’t have been forgiven or been near me or my child again. If Dad had a problem with that he can bounce & we can just co-parent :woman_shrugging:t2:

I had same issue. Although never bad mouthed my daughter til he passed then it was total cut off no one has talked to us since and his mom kept his ashes

I can honestly say… your not… I have a mother in law from hell. Who calls the cops on her 26 year old grandson and tells lies, she has told the cops hes selling drugs from his house… mind you my son has major health issues and cannot work… but did work before losing the use of his right leg… he does not collect assistance of any kind. Hes married to an awesome girl… my husband and I own the house that my son and his mother live in… I’d evict her in a heattbeat… she tells all the neighbors lies about my kids which they find out on there own aren’t true… my 15 year old daughter wont gave anything to do with her either and I wont force it. It’s her choice… my husband is the only one who deals with her. And he respects that… she is not allowed at my house for any reason… she was not invited to my sons wedding. Her siblings have banned her fro. Family funerals… some people are just incredibly toxic… to put it nicely… my husband respect my feelings… we do try to keep him out of the things she does to my son just to not cause him stress. He knows his mother is toxic. Good luck to you.

You need to do what’s best for you and your kids. Take a stand. And tell your husband to support you and figure out where his loyalties are.


Toxic is toxic… I dont allow people like that around my kids… A good portion of mine and my husbands family isnt in the picture anymore for that reason… Just my husband sees and agrees with me… Im sorry yours dont

I would just stay away from her. I wouldn’t talk about it with him. I wouldn’t entertain conversations about her. Just act like she doesn’t exist. The end no way in hell would I subject myself to it. If he has something to say, ignore him. He wont see it until he wants to.

Toxic Is Toxic.
Family or not.
Distance is ok in situations where disrespect is occurring.

Both your husband and MIL suck!