Am I being selfish for not wanting more kids?

So I’m 33 going to be 34, and I have three kids, ages 13, 9, and 6. They are all in school, but my bf that I have been with for 15 years wants to have another one, and I really don’t. I think… they are all in school now, and I don’t want to have to do it all over again! I’ve also had all 3 of them through the c section …am I being selfish?


Having a child is a decision made by both parties. If one wants one but not the other, it can’t be forced. He needs to respect your decision.


Nope. Both parents have be on board with this decision


No you are not being selfish. You do not have to have a baby if you don’t want to.


No if you dont want one dont do it.

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I say don’t do anything you don’t want to do. He needs to respect you because you’re the one who carries the kids & it’s your body that suffers.


I don’t think so. Pregnancy alone puts your body through so much, and add delivery by surgery (csection) to it is difficult. I always said I was getting my tubes tied at 33 no matter how many kids I want/have. An ectopic pregnancy ended my chance of having any more though.


Not at all. I had my tubes tied when I had my youngest at 23. I had 3 by them. I didn’t want anymore.

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No it not selfish. I would have me some me time

No. Especially if you know that you’re done.

Nope not even, remember men aren’t the ones carrying a child. So definitely your decision.


No my twins are 6 and I couldn’t imagine me being able to start all over. I know I couldn’t do it again.

Not wanting kids or wanting kids doesn’t make someone selfish. If you say no then it’s a no. You don’t want to cave and regret. I’ve seen that. It’s ugly.


Just don’t have any. I stopped when I had one. I didn’t want more so I told my husband no. He was free to leave and have more children with someone else if really needed more kids.


No not selfish. I think once the kids are all in school and can semi take care of themselves it’s hard to go back to the baby stage again. That’s what granbabies are for.

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It does not make you selfish. Especially having had three c-sections. I put my foot down because we are pregnant with our 8th and I’m done. I was done after 4 but compromised with my husband. We agreed on 3 more, and this one was an oops on my part (but was wanted by my husband, just wasn’t planned). I told him absolutely NO more after this one even though he still wants more. I don’t feel bad, I already compromised.

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No . It’s a massive commitment it takes it’s toll on your physical and mental health. What’s his reason for wanting another one ?

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No youre not being selfish its your body going thru everything. And i dont blame u for wanting to start over. Maybe have a conversation and see why he wants another so bad. So u can weigh all thr options.

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I’m going to be the odd one out it all.
But what if it was the other way around?
Maybe sit down and have a conversation with him Maybe Adoption is optional.
I think we’re a little fast to dismiss the fathers feelings.


You’re entitled to live your life the way you want too not the way anybody else wants you too. A child is a huge decision.