Am I beng selfish for wanting my ex out of our babies life?

I had just recently given birth to my ex-first child, and he cannot stop hurting my feelings. I found out when I was 8months pregnant that he had impregnated another woman too, I asked him about it, but he denied. His relative confirmed to me that she truly is pregnant; I was so broken since I also heard they are staying together. He didn’t treat me well during my pregnancy, and he’s treating this woman like a queen. It hurts cos I went through a lot alone when I was pregnant since I gave birth he’s only seen our baby five times and only sends money. I told him to just stop doing everything and even trying to ask about him since it looks like he’s forced to love our child. I told him I would raise him alone. But he says he will fight for his child and whatsoever. It hurts me cos he doesn’t even care how I feel or how I’m coping alone while he enjoys life with his pregnant girlfriend. Am I being selfish for wanting him out of our baby’s life?


Yes you are wrong and very selfish!!! It’s not about you, it’s about the baby, you need to get over yourself and your feelings and worry about the child, he doesn’t have to love you to be a part of his baby’s life. Grow up


When you have a child your feelings are not priority. You will find someone new in time, but your child’s dad will always be his dad. Atleast he is helping financially which is better then most. Focus on your baby and let him be as much or little in the child’s life as he chooses, don’t become the bad guy


I should warn you in groups like this if you do not automatically give absentee father’s " rights " you’re wrong no matter what. Like how DARE you not be happy that you’re treated like crap by your baby’s father while he’s living his best life. Get ready for a lot of hate. 🤷


I’m so sorry this is happening to you. It’s super shitty. Parenting is hard enough on a good day with both parents. Try to take your feelings out of this and think of what is best for your child. Is a relationship with the father what’s best for your child?

Better be glad he helps with the child. He doesn’t have to care about your feelings.


Yes. Life isn’t fair, and unfortunately like it or not that’s the baby’s dad.
Surround yourself a different support system since the baby daddy isn’t gonna be that for you.
Go get a lawyer and make sure he’s paying child support and has set visitation if he wants to be there.


Very selfish. It is not about your feelings or the dads feelings, but your child’s. The pain and hurt will pass with time lady, but make sure that your judgement isnt clouded by your feelings because ultimately the only person that will hurt is your child.


Your hurt, but your very much in the wrong.

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Yes it’s not about you it’s about the child but you need to put that guy on child support and if he’s not visiting his son much make him take you to court for visitation sounds like he’s being a little half assed with your child

Your kid deserves a dad. Even if you can’t stand the man- he obviously wants to be a part of the child’s life

You sound like my husbands baby mama. Misery loves company!!! Put your kid first and fuck your feelings

It dosent matter how u feel thats the problems these days its about the child! PERIOD

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Yep selfish. Once you’re a parent you put aside your own feelings and focus on your child’s needs


Stop thinking about how you feel , it’s not about you it’s about an innocent child that should have two parents.


Sounds to me like you are super jealous and selfish! Your child deserves to have both parents even if you dont like his father.

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Its not about you. Its about the baby. You should be happy he wants to be in his childs life and support him!!!


The hate is coming. Be strong

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You are being very selfish. You should appreciate the fact that he does want to be involved with his child. He may have done you wrong, but he did not do your child wrong. He’s doing right by your child by trying to be a dad. Taking his child away from him when he’s trying to help is wrong. Stop letting your own personal jealousy and hard feelings get in the way of what’s best for your child.


Umm I’m going to be honest here. Yes you sound very selfish. You do not have the right to deny the father of your child his rights to be a part of his kids life. It’s not about you. It’s about your child

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